What is an area structure plan?
An area structure plan (ASP) provides direction for long-term land use and infrastructure planning of a defined area within a municipality. It is approved by a municipal council by bylaw and is prepared in accordance with Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act, which requires an area structure plan to describe:

  • the sequence of the development proposed for the area;
  • the land uses proposed for the area, either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area; and
  • the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities.

Why is an area structure plan needed?
An ASP provides detailed information specifically relating to future land use, transportation and servicing in the area. This helps to strategically guide anticipated future growth in the area.

Does an area structure plan affect my ability to continue to use my land as I am doing now?
The approval of an ASP will not affect current land use activities and does not affect your taxes. It only addresses future development over the long term.

If an area structure plan is approved, what happens next?
An ASP is a high-level land use planning policy document that provides a concept of how a given area can be comprehensively developed over time. Should an ASP be approved by council, next steps would include rezoning, subdivision and development permit applications, and associated detailed engineering studies that are prepared by developers for individual parcels; however, these more detailed plans and next steps will only occur if initiated by landowners.

An area structure plan may contain any other matters that Council considers necessary to reach the goals and objectives of the communities.

Major Area Structure Plans

There are two major area structure plans within Greenview.  A major area structure plan is a long-range land use planning tool that encompass a large land area. It is  prepared by Greenview and approved by Council. Each link below will direct you to Greenview’s bylaw page, where you can view the plans under the planning and development section.

Minor Area Structure Plans

A minor area structure plan is a required land use concept plan that must be prepared by a developer for any large undeveloped parcel of land, generally one quarter section (160 acres) in size or larger and requires approval by Council. A minor area structure plan is created to facilitate subsequent zoning, subdivision and development decisions. Each link below will direct you to Greenview’s bylaw page, where you can view the plans under the planning and development section.

DRAFT Sturgeon Lake Area Structure Plan (SLASP) Review
The project to review the SLASP began in June 2018, and since then, several key milestones have been reached to aid in preparation of a revised draft as of June 2020. Greenview is now looking for your input. Provide your feedback through our Online Survey. The deadline to respond to the survey is noon, September 30, 2020.

Additional Information:
Draft Sturgeon Lake Area Structure Plan
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