How long is the subdivision process?
Subdivision applications can take up to 3 to 4 months to process.

Subdivision Application and Information Package is available online or at the administrative office in Valleyview.

How many lots can I subdivide from my quarter section?
A ‘First Parcel Out’ or ‘Farmstead’ subdivision occurs on a quarter section that has not been previously subdivided. The subdivision is for one parcel, previously restricted to 10 acres in size. However, Land Use Bylaw No. 18-800 was recently updated and adopted by council, allowing subdivision of a first parcel out to be a maximum of 20 acres in size.

A multi-parcel subdivision application requires rezoning to either Country Residential One (CR-1) District or Country Residential 2 (CR-2) District which allow a higher density of development.

Other types of subdivisions such as commercial or industrial uses are dealt with on an individual basis.

What needs to be submitted with a subdivision application?

When does my property need to be surveyed?
You are responsible for contacting an Alberta land surveyor to prepare a tentative survey plan prior to submission of a subdivision application.

After a subdivision is conditionally approved,  you are responsible for contacting an Alberta land surveyor to prepare a legal plan. Costs vary based on surveyor, type of plan and number of created lots. In some cases a descriptive plan rather than a plan of survey may be prepared. If you are unsure which type of survey is required for your subdivision, please contact planning and development staff.

When will my subdivision be endorsed?
Your subdivision must be endorsed by Greenview before your conditional subdivision approval expires. In order for your subdivision to be endorsed you must:

  • Meet all conditions of subdivision approval;
  • Have your property surveyed by a professional Alberta land surveyor and
  • Pay endorsement fees for each parcel as outlined in Greenview’s current Schedule of Fees Bylaw.

Once the plan is endorsed, it is returned to the surveyor who will submit the plan to Alberta Land Titles for registration. Registration of the plan must be completed within one (1) year following endorsement.

Subdivision Inquiries
If you have questions regarding subdividing your land or have a specific subdivision inquiry, please contact the planning and development department. A response on an inquiry is not a decision; however, it will give you an idea as to whether your proposal is possible under current legislation.