Operations Services

The Municipal District of Greenview’s Operations maintains approximately 1,995 kilometers of gravel roads and approximately 264 kilometers of paved surfaces, to ensure safety for all travellers using municipal roadways.

At the regular council meeting on May 14, 2018 the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 approved an increase to the Community Aggregate Payment Levy from $0.25 to $0.30 per tonne.

The Operations Department set the effective date to October 1, 2018 to give producers an opportunity to adjust to the new rate.

Operations Services Department maintains approximately 2500 kilometres of gravel roads and approximately 164 kilometres of paved surfaces within Greenview to ensure safety for all travellers using municipal roadways. The municipality is divided into two areas; East and West, both of these areas have a full-time road supervisor and an assistant road foreman.  These areas employ 13 full-time equipment operators.

The east side of Greenview is divided into six grader beats. Little Smoky, Valleyview, Valleyview North and New Fish Creek areas are maintained by Greenview owned graders. Sunset House and Sturgeon Heights are maintained by contract owner/operator graders.  Approximately 120 kilometres of paved roads are maintained by Greenview owned plow trucks stationed at the Valleyview maintenance shop.

The west side of Greenview is also divided into six grader beats. The Grovedale area is maintained by a Greenivew owned grader.  The DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Forestry Trunk Road (4 sections), and Grande Cache areas are maintained by contract owner/operator graders.  Forty-four kilometres of paved road is maintained by Greenview’s plow truck stationed at the Grovedale maintenance shop.

The Operations Services Department is responsible for:

  • Road Maintenance
  • Roadside Ditch Clean-Up Agreement 2022
  • Signs
  • Road Bans
  • 2022 Residential Dust Control Application 
  • 2022 Industrial Dust Control Application
  • Road Use Agreements
  • Snowplow Agreement Form
  • Snowplowing of Private Driveways Program
    • brushing along municipal roads
    • any other municipal repair/upgrade project
    • MISCELLANEOUS WORK REQUESTS FORM – A completed miscellaneous work request form is required for consideration and/or review for the following: drainage/ditching concerns along municipal roads; repair and replacement of culverts.
    • Brushing Program – The Brushing Program employs a saw crew of 5 people from May to October of each year.  The crew is responsible for brushing out right of ways and intersections for safety purposes
    • Roadside Ditch Mowing – There are 2 roadside ditch mowing crews with 3 employees per crew.  This crew runs tractors (front-wheel assist with 15 ft. pull behind mowers) five days a week from mid-June to the end of October.  As a result with every ditch in the municipality is mowed at least once and approximately 25% of the ditches are mowed a second time.  This crew is also responsible for mowing our environmental drainage projects.
    • Beaver Control within M.D. road allowances
  • Gravel Program – The M.D.’s gravel program is a rotational three-year program with approximately 300,000 tonnes of gravel applied annually.  Gravel prospecting, crushing, and reclamation projects are administered through this department.
  • Fleet Management Click on any of the links to obtain a form then submit to:

Operations Department
4811 – 36 Ave., Box 1079
Valleyview, AB  T0H 3N0
Fax: 780-524-5237