Notice of Filming and Photography
Greenview frequently gathers photos, videos, interviews, and performances during public events to enhance our local media collection for promotional and communication purposes.

What will the collected media be used for?
Video or still photography may be used for print publications, displays, advertisements, or media distribution and digital formats such as websites, social media, broadcasts, and exhibitions for promotion, publicity, advertising, or art created by/for the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16, electronic direct mail or any such communication.

Who has the rights to the content?
The Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 shall retain final editorial, artistic, and technical control of all content without limitation. No compensation or royalties will be paid to the subjects of the materials collected at public events or their representatives.

How do I opt out?
Fill out the Non-consent Form for photo and video recordings prior to the event, and bring it with you to the event to provide it to a Greenview employee. To view and download the Non-consent form, please CLICK HERE.
If you are currently at the event, Greenview staff can provide or direct you to someone who can give you the Non-Constent form to fill out. Please keep the slip attached to the bottom of the form for your records. Greenview photographers and event organizers will wear a shirt, jacket or other identifiers with our logo.

Opt-Out After the Event
If you or your children appear in one of our public event photos, and you would prefer that we do not use it, please contact the Communications Department at with a description and location of the media in question, as well as your contact information. The communications team will route this information to the correct individual, who will then investigate and contact you to discuss the removal.

Need More Information?
This information is being collected under the Authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, RSA 2000, c. F-25, as amended from time to time, and may be used for the administration of the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 programs including publicity materials. Your personal information is protected by the privacy provisions of the FOIP Act. If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information email or call 780-524-7600.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy The personal information that you provide the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act – Section 33(c). The information will be used for the purpose of internal and external advertising.

Collected personal information is protected from unauthorized access, collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with the FOIP Act and can be reviewed upon request subject to the provisions under the Act. Questions regarding the collection of personal information can be directed to: FOIP Coordinator – Legislative Service – 780-524-7600 – – Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 Box 1079, Valleyview AB T0H 3N0.