The Environmental Services Department manages the construction and daily operations of the water, wastewater, and solid waste infrastructure systems within Greenview.

Due to Greenview’s size and varied population density, services vary according to location. The mandate of the Environmental Services department is to provide quality water, wastewater and solid waste systems that meet all Provincial and Federal Standards for the residents of Greenview.

Environmental Services maintains the following:

  • 5 water treatment plants which deliver water to the communities via water distribution systems (DeBolt, Ridgevalley, Little Smoky, Grovedale and Grande Cache)
  • 6 Distribution Systems: DeBolt, Little Smoky, Grovedale, Grande Cache. Ridgevalley/Crooked Creek, Valleyview Rural
  • 9 Potable Water Points/Fill Stations: Little Smoky, Crooked Creek, Grovedale, Grande Cache, Sweathouse, Sunset House, New Fish Creek, Goodwin, Nose Creek
  • 4 Non-Potable Water Points/Fill Stations: Grovedale, South Wapiti, Sandy Bay, Puskwaskau
  • 4 Wastewater Collection Systems with Lagoons- DeBolt, Little Smoky, Ridgevalley, Grovedale
  • 1 Wastewater Collection System with Wastewater Treatment Plant- Grande Cache (Accepts Trucked Waste)
  • Wastewater Lagoons Accepting Trucked Waste- Grovedale, Sturgeon Heights, Tony Creek
  • 3 RV Dumping Stations- Grande Cache, Grovedale, DeBolt
  • Managing and operating Partner for the Greenview Regional Waste Management Commission Class II Commercial Waste Landfill.
  • 10 transfer stations (Grovedale, South Wapiti, DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Sturgeon Heights, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse and Little Smoky) NOTE: Sandy Bay transfer site only accepts household garbage as it is a bin-only site.
  • 3 Transfer stations have inert landfill pits: DeBolt, New Fish Creek and Sunset House.
  • 7 sets of recycling bins (Grande Cache, Grovedale, DeBolt, Crooked Creek, Sunset House, New Fish Creek, and Little Smoky)


Environmental Services: 780-524-7600
Solid Waste Services: 780-524-7600
Valleyview Utilities 24/7 Dispatch: 1-780-552-4825
Grande Cache Utilities 24/7 Dispatch: 1-780-827-1408
(Please note that a fee of $100/hour is applied to all after hour call out with a minimum of one-hour charge)


The Environmental Services Department is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the municipal solid waste sites throughout Greenview.  This department is responsible for the following:

  • 1 Class II landfill (Grande Cache). Residential and limited commercial waste accepted. Location of the recycling bins for Grande Cache. For details, please visit brochure.
  • Managing and operating Partner for the Greenview Regional Waste Management Commission Class II Commercial Waste Landfill.
  • 10 transfer stations (Grovedale, South Wapiti, DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Sturgeon Heights, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse and Little Smoky) NOTE: Sandy Bay transfer site only  accepts household garbage, as it is a bin only site.
  • 3 Transfer stations have inert landfill pits: DeBolt, New Fish Creek and Sunset house.

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  • Community Recycling bins located at: Grovedale, DeBolt, Crooked Creek, Sunset House and Little Smoky
  • Grande Cache Community recycling bins are located at the Grande Cache Landfill
  • Grande Cache Curbside recycling
  • Grande Cache Bottle Binge Program

For more information on Grande Cache Recycling, Curbside Recycling and the Bottle Binge Program please click here.


Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) has the regulatory mandate, in accordance with the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Regulations for Wastewater treatment facilities, lagoons and wastewater sewer collection systems.

Greenview is responsible for meeting the regulatory requirements and for the collection, treatment and disposal or use of treated wastewater. They are also responsible for maintaining the wastewater collection system up to the service connection.

  • 4 wastewater collection systems with lagoons located in DeBolt, Little Smoky, Ridgevalley and Grovedale
  • 1 wastewater collection system with Wastewater Treatment Plant Grande Cache
  • Tony Creek Industrial lagoon between Little Smoky and Fox Creek
  • Grande Cache – Mechanical Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Vac Truck Accessible septic disposal site: Tony Creek, Sturgeon Heights, Grovedale and Grande Cache


Greenview offers residential curbside garbage collection to Grande Cache residents, MD Co-Ops & Enterprises, as well as commercial garbage collection.

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Greenview operates and maintains thirteen Water points (Bulk Water Truck Fill Stations and two Jug Fill Stations) throughout the municipal district.  The Potable waterpoints are operated under the requirements of Alberta Public Health.  Daily, monthly, and annual testing are completed at each site to ensure the quality of drinking water surpasses the required water standards.
Accounts are required to be set up regarding accessing the waterpoints. Please be advised that Sandy Bay and Puskwaskau waterpoints are coin operated

Potable Water Points:

Crooked Creek, Goodwin, Grovedale, Grande Cache, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse, Little Smoky, and Nose Creek.

Non-Potable Water Points:
Grovedale and South Wapiti,
Sandy Bay and Puskwaskau (COIN OPERATED)

Water Point Locations:

Click Here to view all Water Point Locations – Water Point Map 2024


Municipal drinking water systems in Alberta are governed by regulations, guidelines and legislation set forth by Alberta Environment, Sustainable Resources Development (AESRD) and Healthy Canada By law in Alberta, these systems must be constructed to government’s design standards and operated according to provincial facility approvals. Facility operators are responsible for the day-to-day operation of treatment plants and must operate in accordance with the standards.

Water treatment operators regularly sample and test water, then analyze their data to know how effectively their treatment and distribution processes are working to provide safe drinking water.

Monitoring is also done on treated water before it enters the distribution system, and at random locations throughout the distribution system. This monitoring focuses on microbiological quality.

  • 5 Water treatment plants – Hamlets of Grande Cache, DeBolt, Ridgevalley, Little Smoky and Grovedale
  • 3 Rural Distribution lines (Valleyview, Ridgevalley & Crooked Creek)