Infrastructure and Engineering strive to enhance and develop municipal infrastructure within Greenview.

Utilizing a substantial portion of the annual capital and operational budgets, this office also has a wide variety of roles and responsibilities oriented toward capital construction, which include coordinating many of the municipal projects you see. Projects chosen each year are all approved by Council and follow a 5, 10 and 25 year plan.  The projects are reviewed at the annual budget review, where Council and administration discuss the strategies that best suit the ratepayers of Greenview.

The following are included within the Infrastructure and Planning department:

Construction and Engineering – provides ratepayers with a safe and dependable road networking system with a high quality of work to ensure the safety of others.  Bridge construction, inspections, maintenance and repairs are also within this department.

Environmental Services – provides ratepayers with high-quality reverse osmosis water, well-maintained wastewater facilities and solid waste facilities. The construction, maintenance and operation of the many strategically placed water points and solid waste transfer stations found within the municipality are included in this department. Wastewater system testing, maintenance and operation are other critical activities.

Operations – maintains approximately 2,107 kilometres of gravel roads and approximately 177 kilometres of paved surfaces to ensure safety for all travellers using municipal roadways.

Facility Maintenance – consists of 13 men and women whose tasks change daily. They are responsible for facility repairs, groundskeeping, and yard maintenance. They ensure our sidewalks are cleared, and parking lots are plowed. This fantastic crew installs over 10,000 Christmas lights on 12 buildings in Greenview. This department has multiple summer students assisting us with our never-ending task list during the summer.

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