Greenview has 11 major bridges, 25 standard bridges and approximately 150 bridge-sized culverts within its boundaries.

A bridge is defined as any span structure (deck) or any culvert over 1500 millimetres in diameter. A major structure is 4500 millimetres in diameter or larger.

Greenview makes the application for provincial grant funding for eligible bridge projects.

Greenview participates in the Bridge Information and Maintenance System (B.I.M.S), which is a province-wide inventory of bridges maintained by Alberta Transportation.

The regional bridge coordinator annually forwards a list of bridge files within the municipality to be inspected within the year. These bridges are inspected, prioritized and presented for review and approval so that engineering work and contract tendering can be initiated.

Greenview utilizes consultants to supervise bridge inspectors and design and construction.

Standards and specifications

Development Guidelines and Municipal Services Standards are used to provide the design standards framework for all municipal infrastructure and development projects. Developers are required to construct projects in accordance with the current standards unless otherwise approved by Council.

All road, bridge and drainage construction projects adhere to or surpass the standards established by Alberta Transportation. Any additional requirements are internal standards set by Greenview.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the Administration office: 780-524-7600