Finance is responsible for all financial matters pertaining to Greenview.  The Manager of Finance and Administration, the Manager of Financial Reporting, along with all Greenview staff, ensure that all financial requirements are in compliance with the MGA and other appropriate legislation, including financial reporting to Council and the Province of Alberta.

Finance is responsible for all aspects of the capital & operational budgets, taxation and assessment, reception (cash receipting), accounts payable, accounts receivable and utilities. The Finance Department is also responsible for calculating tax rates based on the budgets and business plans approved by Greenview Council.

Finance supports all departments and residents by ensuring Greenview has the financial means to fund ongoing and new programs and initiatives. The department provides the financial services, processes, policies, and procedures required to ensure Greenview is fiscally sound and is accountable and transparent in the management of public funds.

Asset Management

Asset Management is an integrated process, bringing together people’s skills, expertise, and activities with information about Greenview’s work operations, physical assets, and finance to make informed decisions supporting sustainable services and program delivery.

Legislative Services

Legislative Services supports relationships among Greenview Council, Administration, and Greenview ratepayers. Legislative Services preserves the integrity of the democratic process by ensuring open and transparent government through the development of sound practices and systems for supporting effective decision-making by Council. This includes ensuring that all activities of Greenview are conducted within legislative provisions respecting the roles and responsibilities of local government as set out in the MGA, the Local Authorities Election Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Procurement collaborates and supports departments to meet their purchasing and procurement needs in a methodology of fair, cost-effective, equitable, open, and transparent manner.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is committed to supporting all employees, including Management and the Senior Leadership Team, with all their individual, team and department goals and recruitment efforts while aiming to promote a positive and healthy work environment at Greenview. The Human Resources team also includes dedicated Health and Safety professionals who provide training, support, and promotion of an employee-driven, values-based safety culture.

Information Systems

The Information Systems team provides support in all forms of technology. They work hard to support all Greenview employees and elected officials and provide technical assistance for hardware and software to ensure that all employees have the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.