Snow Removal

Snowplowing of Private Rural Driveways

New applicants will need to visit an MD office, located in Valleyview (Administration Building), DeBolt (Public Services Building) or Grovedale (Public Services Building).  Here you will receive a one-time Snowplow Request Sign indicating the resident’s Agreement number.

The snowplow sign is to be placed at a location that is easily visible to the equipment operator when the resident is requesting the snowplow service.  The driveways will be cleared as time and priorities permit, the equipment operator will record the appropriate agreement number acknowledging that the driveway has been plowed.  Greenview will issue an invoice to the resident for the service monthly.  The snowplowing service is for residence access only; parking areas, granary and hay access, and other areas are not considered driveways, and will not be cleared.

Residents who would like this service will be required to enter into a non-transferable agreement prior to the service being provided.  This agreement can be obtained from the Administration Building in Valleyview and the Public Service Buildings in DeBolt and Grovedale.  Signs are available for pickup from these locations once the agreements have been signed.  Please call 780.524.7600 in Valleyview; 780.524.6094 in DeBolt and 780.539.0863 in Grovedale for more information.