Greenview Business Licenses are now required in Greenview Hamlets

Business Licenses are now required for businesses located within Greenview Hamlets, including Grande Cache, DeBolt, Ridgevalley, Grovedale, Little Smoky and Landry Heights.

Any person who owns or operates a business within Greenview may obtain a business license in accordance with Business License Bylaw 23-951 (approved by Greenview Council on November 23, 2023) and receive the benefits which are provided by Greenview for business support initiatives.

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Deadline for Business License Renewals has been extended to March 28, 2024

Q & A

Do I need a business license?

Business Licenses are now mandatory in Greenview Hamlets, as indicated above. Any person who owns or operates a business within Greenview may obtain a business license in accordance with Bylaw 23-951.

This applies to all types of businesses as stated in our Land Use Bylaws (18-800 & 799):

Why do I need a business license?

A business license shows the public that your business meets requirements and is permitted to operate within Greenview. A license may be required for insurance purposes or licensing requirements applicable to organizations outside of Greenview.

Greenview is able to offer several Small Business Tax Incentives, if your business is eligible, and provide assistance on other government funding and programs that may be available to business owners.

What must I do in order to obtain a business license?

You must submit an application for a business license to the Planning and Development Department. You may be required to obtain a development permit prior to being able to receive a business license. Planning and Development can assist you in that process.

Where can I get the business license application?

Click here for a Business License Application. Once the form is completed, submit the application to the Planning and Development Department. Contact Planning and Development staff or visit our administration offices for personal assistance.

How do I obtain a Business License?

Any person owning or operating a business within Greenview, whilst holding a valid development permit, may obtain an annual business license in accordance with the Business License Bylaw 23-951.

How do I renew my business license?

A business license renewal letter is sent every year in November (if you renewed the year prior) to remind you to renew your business license.

All Greenview business licenses expire on December 31 of the same calendar year in which your business license was issued.

Greenview’s current Schedule of Fees Bylaw provides costs for new or renewal licenses, temporary/special event, hawker or peddlers and commercial or industrial titled land-business licenses.

What happens if my business license has expired?

If your business license expires, you must apply for a new one and pay the applicable fees; this may complicate access to certain privileges provided by having a business license should your permit not be renewed.

What is the cost of a Business License?

A completed Business License Application is:

  • $100.00 application fee for a new business license
  • $50.00 for an annual business license renewal

Greenview’s current Schedule of Fees Bylaw provides costs for new or renewal of business licenses, temporary/special events and hawkers or peddlers licenses.

What are the benefits of a Business License:

A business license provides Greenview with permission and information to provide services designed only to be accessed by Greenview-supported local businesses.

Examples of this include:

  • Access to Grants, such as the Greenview Small Business Beautification Grant
  • The ability to apply to purchase advertising spaces on public benches in the Hamlet of Grande Cache
  • Monthly updates on new procurement opportunities available and listed on the Greenview Website
  • Proposed Small Business Tax Discounts being proposed for qualifying small businesses throughout Greenview
  • Free advertising opportunities on the Greenview business license directory and any associated Hamlet Services maps and or marketing materials
  • Emails on new programs, training, and business supports
  • Local start-up and business retention support from Greenview’s Economic Development Team
  • Free permit applications for outdoor patio permits for outdoor food, drink or retail services in some public spaces.

Do I need a development permit for my business?

You will most likely require a development permit to operate a business in Greenview however, some smaller businesses may be exempt from a development permit. Please contact the Planning and Development Department to ensure the proposed operation complies with Land Use Bylaw No. 18-800 or Land Use Bylaw 799 for the Hamlet of Grande Cache and if a development permit is required, they can guide you through that process. A Development Permit is required for most businesses operating within Greenview and are issued once, requiring no annual renewal or approval. The development permit application fee is $50.00 per $100,000.00 of development costs.

Click here for Development Permit Applications.

What are the rules for a Minor Home Occupation?

The general rules for a minor home occupation are as follows:

  • Must be carried out solely within a dwelling unit or one accessory building;
  • Must not result in any exterior alterations that are not consistent with the residential character;
  • No more than two people residing in the principal dwelling unit shall be permitted to work on location;
  • Shall not result in traffic that exceeds eight customers per day;
  • Must not produce any offensive visual, audible or odorous disturbances;
  • No external storage of materials, containers or finished products;
  • Must not use materials or processes that produce flammable or explosive vapors or gases; and
  • If involving community care for children, it shall not accommodate more than six children, as regulated by Family Day Home Standards.

What are the rules for a Major Home Occupation?

  • The general rules for a major home occupation are as follows:
  • Must only be conducted within the principal dwelling unit and within up to one accessory building;
  • Shall not exceed 10% of the parcel size or 1.0 hectare, whichever is less, for outside storage.
  • Any finished display products shall be located in a specified area, as determined by the Development Authority.
  • Shall adequately screen any associated outdoor storage from neighbouring parcels and highways;
  • Must have a minimum parcel size of 1.2 hectares;
  • Shall not result in traffic that exceeds the equivalent of five full-time employees and eight customers per day; and
  • Shall not include wrecking yards and/or sand and gravel processing.

The business I want to operate is not permitted in the location I would prefer, what options do I have?

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the types of business activities permitted in each district. If your business is not listed as a “permitted” or “discretionary” use for the location desired, you may apply for a Land Use Amendment to rezone the land to accommodate the proposed business. Please contact our Planning & Development Department to discuss options available to you. Click Here to contact the Development Team.

Staff can also advise you on what business intensities may be permitted on your property before making any applications.

Greenview Online Business License Directory

Businesses wishing to be included in the business license directory must have a valid business license issued by Greenview. There is no additional fee to have your business listed in Greenview’s Online Business Directory. Your company can be added to the directory at any time by completing the Business License Application form.

Click here to view the Online Business Directory

Keep Us Updated

If there have been any changes to your business address, name, or contact information, please ensure our office is updated in writing to Please note that if there have been any changes to your business operation, a development permit may be required prior to the issuance of a business license.

For more information, please contact:

Greenview Planning & Development Department
Address: 4707 – 50 Street, Valleyview, AB (located in the FCSS Building, Valleyview)
Phone: 780.524.7639

Or visit one of our Greenview Public Service Administration Offices/Building at:

  • Grande Cache Public Service Building (10002 Hoppe Avenue, Grande Cache, AB)
  • DeBolt Public Service Building (1115 Township Road 721A, DeBolt, AB)
  • Grovedale Public Service Building (6373 Township Road 695A, Grovedale, AB)

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