Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan is Greenview`s guiding document for growth. It contains the municipality`s vision for the future. By establishing specific polices, it provides a “road-map” to achieve that vision. Policies are typically developed for all areas that affect growth, such as:

  • use of undeveloped land;
  • future transportation networks;
  • development of utilities;
  • provision of social services;
  • provision of recreation; and
  • how Greenview funds growth and development.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

An Intermunicipal development plan is a statutory plan under the Municipal Government Act that is created and adopted as a bylaw by more than one municipality. It provides a framework for land use planning between municipalities, leading to enhanced regional cooperation and collaboration.

Below is a listing of the various intermunicipal development plans. Each link below will direct you to Greenview’s bylaw page, where you can view the plans under the planning and development section.