What is a road closure bylaw?
A road closure bylaw is a request to close a portion of a road plan or undeveloped road allowance so that is no longer required or utilized for public travel.

What are the steps in the road closure bylaw process?
Once the road closure application has been received, the following process is required to meet legislative guidelines:

  • Greenview requests surveyor to prepare survey plan and description of road closure area.
  • An Offer to Sell agreement is sent to the applicant for Greenview to purchase land for consolidation.
  • Greenview circulates notice of application to Alberta Transportation, internal departments and other referral agencies.
  • Application is taken to council for first reading of the bylaw and a public hearing date is scheduled.
  • A notice of public hearing is advertised and/or adjacent landowners are notified. A subsequent notice is circulated to Alberta Transportation, internal departments and other referral agencies.
  • The bylaw, including background information, submission of public hearing comments from internal departments, referral agencies, adjacent landowners and other affected parties, is submitted to Alberta Transportation for consideration.
  • If Alberta Transportation approves the bylaw, council gives second and third reading.
  • Upon approval by council, applicable transfer of land documents are prepared and provided to the applicant for registration at Alberta Land Titles. The applicant is responsible for all costs due, as per the Offer to Sell agreement, upon registration.

How long is the road closure process?
Road closure applications may vary with each application based on information provided and Alberta Transportation’s timeline in which to provide approval. The bylaw expires two years after it receives first reading.

How much does a road closure application cost?
Road closure application fees are regulated by Greenview’s current Schedule of Fees Bylaw. In addition, a successful application can result in additional costs to the applicant, including any required environmental assessments, legal and surveying costs and relocation or removal of existing infrastructure.