Rural Address – Tips!
When to use it and What does it mean?

Greenview emergency services span an area of over 32,000 square kilometres, when an emergency arises, every minute counts!

How do I confirm my Rural Address?
Greenview has a few requirements to confirm your rural address:

  • An approach must be developed to Greenview standards in order for a rural address to be assigned and a sign installed.
  • Provide our office with your Legal Land Description (ie. NE-01-72-23-W6 or Plan, Block, and Lot) or Tax Roll Number.
  • The location of the property access or driveway from an existing property line is required in order to correctly assign and confirm, your rural address. Greenview will GPS the property access location and provide an address based on a measurement.

What is rural addressing and why do I need it?
Rural addressing is a provincial standardized system that assigns an address to rural properties throughout a municipality to allow them to be quickly and easily identified by emergency response services (police, fire, ambulance), service providers, residents, and non-residents.

Is a rural address the same as a mailing address?
No. Your current Canada Post mailing address will not change.

How do I get a rural address and sign?
All new residential developments require a rural address sign and development permit. Fees are regulated by Greenview’s current Schedule of Fees Bylaw. Please contact Planning and Development staff to obtain a rural address sign and/or development permit application.

I have more than one residence on my parcel, should I have more than one address?
Yes. Each dwelling should have its own rural address.

Greenview understands that emergency situations are difficult to deal with and would like to educate residents if / when the time arises. Please see Bylaw No. 11-659 Rural Addressing Bylaw and Bylaw No. 12-681 Grande Cache Rural Addressing for additional information.

If you have any questions or concerns with your rural address please contact Greenview’s Planning & Development Department at 780-524-7639.