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Springtime needle discoloration on previously healthy evergreens often results from some form of winter injury.

There are many reasons why evergreen trees and shrubs turn brown and change colour or lose needles. Many environmental conditions such as winter desiccation, salt, frost, drought, flood, soil deficiency and many other environmental factors sometimes cause needle and leaf discoloration and not necessarily insects or diseases.

Key to correct diagnosis of evergreen browning is careful tree or shrub examination. You may start with branches, as a colour change of the foliage may be the most apparent symptom. Following the branches examination, the next thing to check is the roots and trunk, as they may give clues as to the exact cause of the problem. If the tree is large, using binoculars, you may carefully inspect the tree crown to see if there is any physical damage by porcupines, birds and hail. The subsequent examination should be performed on the ground to look for roots and trunk damage. Still, possible soil compaction, salt and chemical damages may also be necessary to find the likely reason for the discoloration.

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Did You Know…. while Greenview’s Sour Cherry seedlings have sour in their name, Sour Cherry is a term used in the horticultural field to describe cherry trees that can succeed in cold climates.
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