Municipal District of Greenview No. 16’s Agricultural Service Board is appointed under the Agricultural Service Board Act of Alberta.  A.S.B.’s were first conceived by Alberta Agriculture in 1945. The intent was to have a local grassroots body to work with area agricultural producers on issues and concerns specific to that municipality.  Every rural municipality in Alberta has an appointed Agricultural Service Board.   The A.S.B. and agricultural department staff under the supervision of an Agricultural Fieldman, work under the Agricultural Service Board Act, the Weed Control Act, Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act and the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Acts.

The A.S.B.’s of Alberta meet and discuss issues of joint concern at annual regional meetings and then at an annual Provincial A.S.B. Conference.

The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen

Agricultural Fieldmen have always been central to the success of Agricultural Service Boards. They develop, implement, and control programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board. For more information visit https://aaaf.ab.ca/.

Alberta Agriculture

Funding programs, business resources, agriculture information (including insects,l diseases, and weed issues,) agri-food and local food business resources, calculators and tools. For detailed information visit https://www.alberta.ca/agriculture.aspx

ASB Members

Warren Wohlgemuth

Bill Smith
Deputy Reeve & Vice Chair

Dave Berry
Council Member

David Gibbard
Member at Large

Joshua McMillan
Member at Large

Jake Drozda
Member at Large

Jeff Laughlin
Member at Large