Rancher’s Guide to Predator Attacks on Livestock – Government of Alberta Document

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program

How do you qualify?

  • A wolf must be humanely harvested on or within 8 km of the agricultural area. You will be asked for a legal land location for our records
  • Must be an adult wolf
  • If trapped, we will be required to have a copy of your trapping license on file
  • If harvested on lands other than your own land, a written permission letter must be submitted with the wolf with a stated land location(s)

How to submit a wolf?

  • You must call a minimum of one business day ahead to ensure an Agricultural Representative is available (typically Monday mornings for Valleyview and Tuesday mornings for Grovedale)
  • Permission letter, if wolf was harvest on lands other than your own
  • Copy of trapping license, if trapped
  • Annual pre-registration (can be filled out on day of submission)
  • Contract of Participation (filled out on day of submission)

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program Contract of Participation and Questionnaire