Greenview is a vast and wild landscape, and with that beauty come challenges related to the creatures we share this landscape with. To assist Greenview residents, Agricultural Services employs two problem wildlife officers with specialized training in the control of predator and nuisance animal species. Should you be experiencing challenges related to wildlife, reach out to our officers for assistance.

Valleyview Problem Wildlife Officer: 780-552-4087

Grovedale Problem Wildlife Officer: 780-552-4188

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program

How do you qualify?

  • A wolf must be humanely harvested on or within 8 km of the agricultural area. For our records, you will be asked for a legal land location.
  • Must be an adult wolf.
  • If trapped, we will be required to have a copy of your trapping license on file.
  • If harvested on lands other than your own land, a written permission letter must be submitted with the wolf with a stated land location(s).

How to submit a wolf?

  • Permission letter if the wolf was harvested on lands other than your own.
  • Copy of trapping license if trapped.
  • Annual pre-registration (can be filled out on the day of submission).
  • Contract of Participation (filled out on the day of submission).

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program Contract of Participation and Questionnaire

Rancher’s Guide to Predator Attacks on Livestock – Government of Alberta Document