MD of Greenview Weed Free Forage Program

Greenview is one of 20 municipalities participating in the Alberta Certified Weed Free Forage Program, and we want to help you get certified!
Certified Weed Free Forage is any forage product that was grown in fields that were inspected and found to be free of any viable seed or reproductive plant parts of any species identified in the North American Species Management Association’s Weed Free Forage Minimum Certification Standards, the Alberta Weed Control Act, and Greenview’s Designated Noxious Weeds Bylaw (22-894).
Any producer with a forage crop can participate. The entire parcel does NOT need to be weed-free. Our inspectors can designate areas as weed free, which then will be required to be harvested before the ‘non-weed free’ areas.
To have your forage certified as weed free, call the Agricultural Services Office at 780.524.7621 to set up an inspection time or visit our website to learn more at
For more information & to schedule an inspection, please contact:
Greenview Agricultural Services
phone: 780.524.7621