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    Fire Advisory In Effect

    A Fire Advisory is in effect for the Municipal District of Greenview due to dry and windy conditions. All current fire permits are suspended (except burn barrels) and no new fire permits will be issued until further notice.

    Previous burning sites should be checked to ensure they are fully extinguished. Burn barrels and ceremonial burning are NOT affected at this time. Safe cooking and warming fires are also still allowed.

    ATV users are reminded to be careful when travelling in dry, grassy areas. Stop frequently and clear machine hotspots of grass and other debris that can heat up, fall to the ground, and start a wildfire.

    What is allowed
    Safe wood campfires in campgrounds (within fire rings) or random camping areas
    Charcoal briquettes
    Portable propane fire pits
    Gas or propane stoves and barbecues
    Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

    Never leave a campfire unattended. Soak it, stir it, and soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished.

    If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.

    The Fire Advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve.

    CONTACT NUMBER (Alberta Wildfires)

    • 1-866-394-3473

    Flood Update #20

    All roads were reopened yesterday and only five hazards remain to be repaired. Long term repairs for these areas will be scheduled throughout the 2018 construction season. Once these are complete a further update will be issued, check our website and social media networks for information.

    To report any outstanding areas of concern, call Operations at 780-524-7602 or contact the area supervisor for your region: Ron Pollack at 780-524-7607 for Valleyview, Sunset House, Sweathouse, New Fish Creek, Ridgevalley, and Little Smoky; or Robert Kazakawich at 780-524-6086 for DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Grovedale and Grande Cache.

    Below are the statistics as of May 22, 2018:

    • New Fish Creek Area: 4 hazards, 0 closed roads.
    • Valleyview North: 0 hazards.
    • Valleyview South: 1 hazards, 0 roads closed.
    • Sunset House and Sweathouse Area: 0 hazards.
    • Little Smoky Area: 0 hazards.
    • Ridgevalley Area: 0 hazards.
    • Crooked Creek: 0 hazards.
    • Puskwaskau: 0 hazards.
    • DeBolt: 0 hazards.
    • Grovedale: 0 hazards.

    Total: Today there are 5 hazards and 0 roads closed. On May 16th there were 21 hazards and 4 closures.

    Spring Flooding Impacted Roads May 22_2018

    Grant Funding Presentations

    Laura Gerwatowski Secretary/Treasurer of the East Smoky Recreation Board accepting a $63,400 cheque for annual operating expenses from Council at the DeBolt Public Service Building on May 22, 2018.



    DeBolt librarian Rachel Stoesz,  accepting a cheque for $45,000 for DeBolt Public Library’s annual operating expenses from Council at the DeBolt Public Service Building on May 22, 2018.



    Notice of Decisions

    Discretionary Development Permits approved May 15, 2018, are effective June 8, 2018, and have been issued in accordance with Greenview’s Land Use Bylaw No. 17-779.

    Facility and Community Clean up Fundraising Opportunity

    Greenview is providing an opportunity for Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) to apply for a fundraising cleanup project at Greenview’s identified transfer stations and landfill sites in return for a pre-established, advertised, financial donation to the NPO.

    Community-Recognized Non-Profit Organization-Greenview based organizations (may include but are not limited to: school, sports, youth, and seniors groups) with an identified non-profit mission, operation or purpose and are commonly or traditionally know in/to the community. Preference will be given to Greenview-based (including Valleyview, Fox Creek &Grande Cache) NPOs. Other NPOs will be considered if openings remain.

    The following locations are open for a fundraising cleanup project:
    DeBolt Transfer Site: Greenview will pay up to $1,500.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.
    New Fish Creek Transfer Site: Greenview will pay up to $1,500.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.
    South Wapiti Transfer Site: Greenview will pay up to $1,500.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.
    Greenview Regional Landfill: Greenview will pay up to $2,000.00 depending on the size of the cleanup for this site.

    To apply for this fundraiser please complete the application and send the completed form to Zachary.Sarling@mdgreenview.ab.ca or drop it off at the Valleyview/Grovedale Administration building.

    For more information please contact
    Zachary Sarling, Solid Waste Labourer at 780-552-4671.

    Council Highlights May 14, 2018

    Council highlights from Monday May 14, 2018 are available to read or download here. If you wish to receive them via email please sign up to Council Highlights via our subscription service on our home page.

    From Meadows to Mountains Spring Edition – Now Available!

    The new look Spring 2018 edition of Greenview’s From Meadows to Mountains is now available. Watch for your free copy coming soon to your local post office or community mailbox. You can also read or download it here!

    Included in this issue are Planning and Development Processes for Greenview. They are included in the online version as well but you can also find them on Planning and Developments’ permits page.

    Send your photos and story ideas to m2m@mdgreenview.ab.ca. Thanks to Ellen Chychul, for sharing this month’s cover photo! Happy reading!

    Cover photo by Ellen Chychul


    Canada Day Fun Run!

    Registration is now open for the Canada Day Get wRECked Fun Run in Valleyview. Greenview is proud to sponsor this event and we invite all of our residents and visitors to the Valleyview area to participate. Register before June 10th and get a swag bag and medal! You can either register either through the Valleyview Recreation Department or by going to www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=15442

    Wireless Public Alerting Information

    Wireless Public Alerting is an add-on tool offered through CANALERT by the federal government. It is used to enhance all the existing public alerting systems. Every community that has access to Alberta Emergency Alert will also now have access to Wireless Public Alerting.  AEMA advises that whenever their system is used to issue a Critical Alert, the audible message that already goes out via TV & radio, will now automatically go out via the cellular network to any smartphone that’s powered on in the area of the emergency. Wireless Public Alerts will not automatically be generated for Information Alerts.

    We encourage all Greenview residents to download the AEMA Emergency Alert App at http://www.aema.alberta.ca/alberta-emergency-alert

    For FAQ’s regarding the CANALERT Wireless Public Alert system and today’s test, please go to the following link: http://www.emergencyalert.alberta.ca/content/about/wireless.html

    Emergency Preparedness Week

    May 6 to 12 is Emergency Preparedness Week. Are you ready? Emergencies can happen at any time of year. All households should have a 72 hour emergency kit to help their families stay safe until emergency responders can reach them. Emergency kit contents should be checked on an annual basis to confirm perishable items haven’t expired and ensure they still meet your family’s needs. For details on what to include and special considerations for your vehicle and pets go to http://www.aema.alberta.ca/emergency-preparedness-week