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    Notice of Decisions

    Discretionary Development Permits approved January 9, 2018, are effective February 2, 2018, and have been issued in accordance with the Greenview Land Use Bylaw No. 03-396.

    Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan

    In 2019 the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan will be gathering and analyzing public feedback. To help with this process they have launched www.lslrfmp.comForest Management Plan (FMP) is an important process that directs timber harvesting and forest renewal activities over a ten year period. The development of The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan is a cooperative forest planning process governing 2.1 million hectares in north central Alberta including portions within Greenview boundaries. 

    The forest management plan will take several years to create and will govern forest harvesting and renewal from 2021-2031. Consultation will be ongoing, and feedback welcomed, until submission to the government in the fall of 2020. Once the plan is approved in 2021, it will be posted publicly on the Government of Alberta website. All currently approved forest management plans for the province can be found on the Agriculture and Forestry Forest Management Page

    This is a joint forest management plan between Tolko Industries Ltd., Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd., and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.. Companies are seeking input at any time through the website’s Contact Information section. Open Houses will be scheduled in the future and will be posted to the website.

    Greenview Regional Multiplex Announces Opening Date

    Greenview is pleased to announce the doors of the Greenview Regional Multiplex will open to the public on February 10th! This is a $30 million investment that we have made in quality of life for Greenview residents in the Valleyview area. The $36 million facility was made possible by Greenview, Valleyview and our generous sponsors. We want to thank our industry and small business partners who have contributed to the project, and the Town of Valleyview who contributed 17 per cent of the funding and will be managing the day to day operations of the facility. We look forward to seeing you at the multiplex in February and at the community celebration which will be a Grand Opening Concert with Brett Kissel on March 9th!

    Revisions to Draft Land Use Bylaw 17-779

    Greenview would like your input on our Draft Land Use Bylaw. You may view the most recent changes to the Draft Land Use Bylaw here or view the entire Draft Land Use Bylaw and Maps on the Planning and Development page. Contact our Planning and Development Team with questions and comments prior to January 10, 2018. Council will be considering the Land Use Bylaw revisions and your comments at the January 22, 2018 meeting

    Seeking Committee Members

    Greenview is seeking members for the following three committees:

    • Agriculture Appeal Committee
    • Cemetery Committee for Grovedale
    • Cemetery Committee for New Fish Creek

    If you are interested in joining one of the above please fill out and return the Board & Committee Application Form.

    Development Guidelines and Municipal Standards

    Please see the Development Guidelines and Municipal Standards that are available.

    If you require further information please don’t hesitate to call the Administration building at 780-524-7600.