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    MD Facility closures for Monday, November 11, 2019

    Please be advised that the following Greenview facilities will be closed on Monday, November 11, 2019 in observance of Remembrance Day.
    This includes:

    ■ Administration Buildings – Valleyview & Grande Cache
    ■ Eagle’s Nest Hall Sub Office, Grande Cache
    ■ Operations Office – Valleyview & Grande Cache
    ■ Greenview Regional Landfill, Little Smoky Transfer Station & Sturgeon Heights Transfer Station
    ■ Green View FCSS, Valleyview & Grande Cache
    ■ Grovedale Public Service Building
    ■ Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre
    ■ Grande Cache Landfill (also closed Saturday, November 9)
    ■ Grande Cache Recycling pick-up (will be collected on Monday)
    ■ Grande Cache Monday Commercial Garbage Pick Up (collected on Tuesday)
    ■ Grande Cache Recreation Centre
        □ Facility/Fitness Centre 12:00 – 5:00 pm
        □ Public Skate 1:00 – 4:00 pm
        □ Public Swim 1:00 – 4:00 pm

    For emergencies contact:
    24/7 Dispatch: 1.866.524.7608

    For more information, contact:
    Phone: 780.524.7600
    Toll Free: 1.888.524.7601

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    Accepting Board & Committee Member Applications

    Accepting Board & Committee Member Applications

    The MD of Greenview is seeking applications from MD residents for members to serve on various boards and committees as outlined below. Remuneration and coverage for expenses will be provided in accordance with Greenview policies.
    Your role will be to act in an advisory or decision-making capacity (depending on the board or committee) for the board or committee.
    Council may appoint the same person to more than one board, so please indicate all boards and committees you would be interested in serving on.
    Applications accepted until all positions are filled.

    Board or Committee Name

    Cemetery Committee/Little Smoky
    Cemetery Committee/New Fish Creek
    Cemetery Committee/Sunset House

    If you are interested in serving on any of the noted boards or committees, please complete the “Application Appointment to a Municipal Board/Committee” form that is available on our website at http://mdgreenview.ab.ca/reeve-council/boardscommittees/

    Please send your application to the MD of Greenview (Attention: Lianne Kruger)

    By mail:     MD of Greenview, Box 1079, Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0

    By e-mail: lianne.kruger@mdgreenview.ab.ca or

    By fax:        780-524-4307

    For more information, please contact Lianne Kruger, Executive Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Tel: 780-524-7600 | Toll Free: 888-524-7601 | Direct: 1-780-524-7627


    Greenview One Step Closer to Alberta’s First Geothermal Power Plant

    (photo from Terrapin)

    Building on Alberta’s energy strengths, while diversifying its vast natural resource potential, the province has advanced Alberta’s first conventional geothermal energy project within the MD of Greenview. 

    The government has granted Terrapin Geothermics the rights to conduct testing operations and explore the geothermal potential of an area within Greenview, south of Grande Prairie.   This will allow Terrapin to begin seeking regulatory approvals for its geothermal power project.  This advancement means the project is one step closer to operating test wells. 

    The project has been named “Alberta No. 1,” a tribute to the discovery of oil at the Leduc No. 1 oil drilling site in 1947. The name also hints at another connection to Alberta’s status as a leader in oil and gas – generating geothermal power draws on one of Alberta’s signature skill sets.

    Harnessing geothermal energy is a method of creating electricity without coal, natural gas, wind or sunlight. It powers generators using brine from natural reservoirs more than 2000 metres below ground, which are heated by thermal energy from deep inside the Earth. Once the thermal energy has been extracted from the brine and converted to electricity or used for heating, the brine is cycled back underground, where it will heat up again. Terrapin’s geothermal energy facility will produce renewable power that runs 24/7 with zero carbon emissions and minimal ongoing fuel costs.

    Greenview continues to partner with Terrapin and PCL Construction on this advanced made-in-Alberta renewable-power solution that will provide Alberta’s power grid with clean, renewable energy. 


    For more information on the Alberta No. 1 project, please contact Greenview’s Manager of Economic Development, Kevin Keller, at kevin.keller@mdgreenview.ab.ca


    Council Meeting Highlights – October 28, 2019

    Vermiculite Insulation Removal – Grande Cache Future Fitness Centre 
    Council authorized Administration to contract Dewar Western Inc. to remove the Asbestos insulation from approximately 28.7 meters X 4.16 meters of concrete cinder block wall within the Grande Cache Recreation Centre.
    Grande Cache Recreation Centre Fitness Centre Design
    Council approved the Grande Cache Recreation Centre Fitness Centre preliminary architectural design and layout as presented.
    Landry Heights Water Connections to Lot #49 and Lot #50 
    Council moved to take no action to connect Lots 49 & 50 in Landry Heights and allow Administration to bring forward quotes on a 2 inch waterline extension. 
    2020 to 2024 Capital Plan Budget 
    Council tabled Greenview’s 2020 to 2024 Capital Plan Budget to the November 25, 2019 Regular Council meeting for further discussion.  
    Grovedale Daycare – Firehall Request 
    The Grovedale Community & Agricultural Society submitted a letter requesting Council to consider allowing the Society to use the former Grovedale firehall to establish a much needed daycare for the community. Council directed administration to further research options that might be suitable for this purposed project.
    Town of Valleyview
    Council directs administration to present the offer for joint partnership funding to the Town of Valleyview as discussed.
    Upcoming Events and Meetings
    • Agricultural Services Board (ASB) – October 30, 2019
    • Municpal Planning Commission Meeting – November 5, 2019
    • Committee of the Whole – November 18, 2019, in Grovedale
    • FCSS Meeting – November 20, 2019
    • Regular Council Meeting – November 25, 2019
    Unless otherwise specified, all meetings (except FCSS meetings) take place in the Council Chambers at the Administration Building in Valleyview beginning at 9:00 am. Committee of the Whole Meetings begin at 10:00 am.
    ASB and FCSS meetings begin at 9:30 am FCSS meetings take place at the Green View Community Resource Centre. 
    Media inquiries may be directed to: 
    Stacey Sevilla, Manager, Communications and Marketing
    Stacey.Sevilla@mdgreenview.ab.ca  or 780-524-7625

    Media Release: MD of Greenview Announces Reeve and Deputy Reeve

    Media Release: MD of Greenview Announces Reeve and Deputy Reeve

    For Immediate Release
    October 28, 2019

    MD of Greenview Council Elects New Reeve and Deputy Reeve

    The Municipal District of Greenview Council is pleased to acclaim Ward 5 Councillor Dale Smith as the Reeve and elected Ward 9 Councillor Duane Didow as Deputy Reeve for the municipality at the annual organizational meeting on Monday Oct. 28, 2019.


    Reeve Smith Presents at the EDA Ministry Dinner

    Reeve Dale Smith attended the Economic Developers Association (EDA) of Alberta Ministry Dinner in Edmonton, October 24, 2019.   As a leader in the Tri-Municipal Partnership (TMIP), Reeve Smith presented an update on the project to key federal and provincial Ministry representatives, provincial and national organizations, Alberta economic development officers, and the International Economic Development Council.   The TMIP was a Gold sponsor for the event, which brought together EDA members and Ministry representatives to network, share information and explore potential partnerships. 

    Since 2017 the municipalities of Greenview, County of Grande Prairie, and the City of Grande Prairie have worked collaboratively to create the TMIP, which is a world-class heavy industrial district, located in Greenview, 40 km south of Grande Prairie.

    With a footprint equivalent to 2/3 the size of the City of Red Deer and access to rail, highway, power, and water, the TMIP will focus on attracting industries which demonstrate leading edge environmentally conscious and sustainable practices.   Development of large scale heavy industrial projects will create long term stable employment, growth, and opportunities for the region.

    In 2020, the partnership is looking forward to establishing a formal Development Corporation and hiring dedicated executive staff to manage and promote the TMIP project.

    Photo Credit: Mayor Bill Given, City of Grande Prairie


    Breakfast with the Guys

    Breakfast with the Guys evolved from the recognition that domestic violence is not “a woman’s issue”.  It is a human issue, and ending violence against women requires the meaningful engagement of men.

    Since 2005, the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) has been inviting leading men for breakfast to learn about the prevalence of violence against women, and talk about what they can do to make positive change.

    Our target audience is male leaders in the community, coaches, and the young men that they mentor.

    Our goal is to provide males in the community with information and resources that will assist them in changing attitudes and influence boys and young men to make healthy relationship decisions that reduce the risk of violence.

    No registration necessary, everyone welcome!


    Grovedale Administrative Services will be moving to the Grovedale Public Service Building


    Please be advised that the MD of Greenview, Grovedale Operations Office will be CLOSED to the public effective October 28, 2019.

    Grovedale administrative services will be moving to:
    The Grovedale Public Service Building 
    Address:  6375 Township Road 695A, Grovedale, AB
    Phone:     780-524-6085
    Office Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


    Greenview Fiber Optics Internet Connectivity Strategy

    Greenview is looking for an Internet Connectivity Strategy to help identify options and costs to provide high quality connectivity access throughout the entire Municipal District to residents and businesses within our communities.  The entire Request for Proposals can be found on the Alberta Purchasing Connection

    The deadline for submitting proposals is November 29, 2019.

    Request for Proposals:  Greenview Fiber Optics Internet Connectivity Strategy


    Municipal District of Greenview Gives Back

    Municipal District of Greenview Gives Back

    In July the MD of Greenview put out a call to Non-profits who were in need of IT Equipment. Organizations were asked to submit Letters of Request by August 26, 2019.  Since that deadline, we have been busy distributing equipment to various organizations throughout the MD and surrounding areas. 

    The donated equipment consisted of one printer, eight laptops, and three PC’s and these items were donated to the following Non-Profit Organizations:

    • Lila’s Angels Travel Foundation in Little Smoky, AB
    • Interfaith Community Food Bank in Valleyview, AB
    • 1st Grovedale Spark, Brownie and Guides Units in Grovedale, AB (pictured above)
    • Pioneer Thresherman’s Association in High Prairie, AB
    • EMS Cadets in Grande Prairie, AB
    • Anne’s Anglican Church in Valleyview, AB
    • Red Willow Player’s Club in Valleyview, AB

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