Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. – Grande Prairie Operations has received approval from Alberta Agriculture & Forestry to conduct a herbicide site preparation program for the 2021 season. The site preparation program will be a ground application using the herbicide Arsenal Powerline (Imazapyr, No. 30203), targeting areas with heavy vegetation competition prior to planting.

AREA The following treatment is scheduled within Weyerhaeuser’s Operating Area:
• 600 hectares of ground treatment (backpack application or mechanical ground sprayer)

TIMING The timing of application will be on or after July 6th and will finish mid September.

The locations of operation for Weyerhaeuser are as follows (all W6M):
• Twp 61, Rg 4
• Twp 67, Rg 8
• Twp 64, Rg 4,8,12
• Twp 68, Rg 13
• Twp 65, Rg 9
• Twp 76, Rg 10,11
• Twp 66, Rg 7,8
• Twp 77, Rg 10,11

If anyone would like further information, please feel free to contact: Tyler Niles at (780)-539-8961 [Weyerhaeuser] or tyler.niles@weyerhaeuser.com.