Voyent Alert is a multi-purpose communication service provided by the MD of Greenview to keep you informed of critical events like fires or floods, as well as the ability to expand to provide day-to-day communications such as road maintenance and closures, water advisories, etc.

Alerts are personalized and enriched and capable of advising recipients as to their distance and direction from an emergency event. i.e., “Your mom’s house is 400m SW of the gas leak. Her preferred evacuation route is …” along with reference maps, etc., that are embedded in the body of the alert. We believe that this extra context that is provided to end users/recipients allows them to make better, more informed decisions and drives a higher level of community engagement.

Recognizing the need to get critical information to Greenview residents, Greenview is deploying Voyent Alert to notify residents of critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications. Once a notification is crafted, the service automatically formats delivery to the various channels: mobile app, text/SMS, email, voice calling and social media channel integration.

Recipients can register to receive alerts across more than one channel at their discretion.

Check out the video below to see how Voenty Alert can help you stay notified!

You can receive alerts over a wide variety of communication channels, including mobile apps, text/SMS alerting, email, or voice dial to your home/cell number. You can register for one or more communication channels.

You can sign up to receive only alerts that may affect you. *Note: By signing up, you cannot opt out of receiving Emergency Alerts (wildfire/flooding/tornado/shelter in place etc.)

How to get Voyent Alert!

Download from Apple Store (iPhone)

Download from Google Play Store (Android)

Sign up for notifications by text, email or voice calls

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Voyent Alert! – How It Works

Why Register for Voyent Alert? A free and anonymous notification service

Voyent Alert! – Registration Tutorial