Petitions are used to express public opinion and give residents participative power in local government. A petition is a written request signed by Greenview electors, which is then presented to Greenview’s Council.

For more information on petition requirements, please visit Petitions or consult legal counsel for advice.

Petitions require specific information to ensure they meet the legal requirements within the Municipal Government Act. The following forms are meant to be used as templates and are not a substitute for consulting the Municipal Government Act or obtaining legal advice.

General Petition Requirements

Each person signing a petition must:
Print their given and surname
Sign the petition within a 60-day period
Be a resident of Greenview and provide their legal land description or complete address
Provide the date upon which they signed the petition
Have their signature witnessed by an individual who has signed a Petition Affidavit

Every petitioner must have their signature witnessed. You may have multiple witnesses for your petition; however, each witness must complete a Petition Affidavit swearing that, to the best of their knowledge, the individual they witnessed signing the petition is legally eligible to sign the petition. The Petition Affidavit must be signed by a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public in the Province of Alberta.

Each petition requires a petition representative. This is an individual who Greenview may contact should there be any questions or concerns regarding the petition. Only one petition representative is required per petition. Petitions should be presented to Greenview with the Petition Representative Template completed.

Petitions require a petition statement which provides a description of what the petition seeks to accomplish. The petition statement only needs to provide a general idea of the petition’s goals. See the Petition Sample Template for how the petition statement may be incorporated into the petition package.

To capture all of the information, you may use the following templates as guides:

Petition Template

Petition Representative Template

Petition Affidavit Template