May 12, 2022

Valleyview, AB

Strategic plan establishes Council priorities for the next four years

MD of Greenview Council worked with Administration to develop and approve a four-year strategic plan in early 2022. This high-level plan provides a long-term vision for the municipality, establishing clear priorities, and strategies that will guide Council and Administration’s activities over the next four years.

Reeve Tyler Olsen spoke on behalf of Council in acknowledging the importance of this document in guiding Council decisions.

“This plan will help us be accountable to our community, ensuring that the decisions Council makes and the actions that administration take, are achieving our long-term goals. It sets a vision for where we want Greenview to be in four years and will help future Councils continue that vision for our municipality.”

The strategies and goals identified in the plan will help to coordinate the work Administration undertakes over the next four years and be integrated into the annual budgeting process to ensure that approved initiatives and projects will help to achieve the vision for Greenview’s future.

The plan has been posted on Greenview’s website and we invite our citizens to review this Strategic Plan to learn more about the vision and plan for Greenview’s future.

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Download a full copy of the Media Release here.