February 3, 2022

MD of Greenview approves historic 2,000-acre land sales agreement with the Alberta Government for the Greenview Industrial Gateway

Valleyview, Alberta

The MD of Greenview has signed a historic agreement with the Alberta Government to purchase approximately 2,000 acres (809 hectares) of land for the Greenview Industrial Gateway (GIG), focusing on the development and processing of natural gas.

Council approved the purchase during the January 11 meeting, based on the government’s appraisal of the valuation per acre, and will fund it through the Economic Development Reserve.

Reeve Tyler Olsen expressed Council’s support for this historical purchase and the long-term economic growth it will provide.

“Purchasing this land lays the foundation for long-term prosperity for our region as it opens the opportunity to deliver a world-class, integrated eco-industrial site, right here in the MD of Greenview. This plug-and-play industrial development will generate a tremendous amount of job opportunities, support local business growth, and provide economic benefits for all sectors of the region.”

The GIG will offer Canada’s first closed-loop industrial system, providing the complete infrastructure for manufacturing companies in the energy sector. This Process-in and Exploration Centre will include access to feedstock, process water, rail, electricity, an integrated transportation network, and the potential ability for carbon sequestration in a carbon capture hub.

Northern Petro Chemical Corporation has already signed an agreement with the MD to purchase 295 acres to construct a $ 2.5 billion Natural Gas to Blue Methanol and Blue Ammonia production facility at the site. This project will generate 4,000 jobs during construction and 400 full-time, permanent positions once completed.

The MD is also negotiating with a number of other companies that have expressed an interest in being part of this leading-edge industrial site.

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Media inquiries may be directed to:

Kyle Reiling
Executive Director, Greenview Industrial Gateway
Direct: (780) 558-9039

Stacey Sevilla
Manager, Communications and Marketing
Direct: 780.524.7625


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