Greenview Awards Tender for Bridge and Culvert Replacement Work

Council directed Administration to award Bridge Tender 77441-21 Culvert Replacement and other works for the removal and installation of a new 2000mm x 28m CSP under a local road over an unnamed tributary located 20 km northwest of DeBolt, to In-line Contracting Partnership for $204,650.00, with funds to come from the 2021 Bridges Capital budget.

Greenview New Entrance and Hamlet Sign Design Concept Approved

On March 9, 2021, Council awarded Blanchett Neon the Greenview Entrance Signs project. Administration worked with Blanchett Neon to produce final conceptual drawings, and two design options were presented to Council for consideration. Design considerations include longevity, cost efficiency, innovation, and environmental factors. Council moved to direct Administration to authorize Blanchett Neon to begin production of design option #1.

Fiber Optic Expression of Interest

On May 18, 2021, Administration presented to Committee of the Whole, the options for delivery of a fiber optic infrastructure to provide high-speed internet services to Greenview residents. The Government of Canada recently established that access to broadband is an essential service for all Canadians, akin to telephone service. To ensure Greenview ratepayers are not waiting years for private enterprise to facilitate delivery of this service, Greenview, like many rural municipalities, is reviewing options for installing their own network to provide access. Council directed Administration to prepare and release an Expression of Interest to engage third parties who may wish to develop Greenview’s future Fibre Optic network.

Greenview Facilities in Grovedale Approved for Fiber Optics Installation

The Grovedale Public Service Building has been utilizing the same internet technology for several years with average internet service. With the increase of staff occupying Greenview facilities, video conferencing, and the transfer of data to the Valleyview server, the increased usage has degraded internet quality for staff. To combat this issue, Information Systems has proposed fiber connectivity for Greenview facilities in the Hamlet of Grovedale. The facilities to be upgraded include the Public Service Building, Operations, Agricultural Services, and the new Water Treatment Plant. Council moved to approve the installation of Fiber Optics to the listed facilities in Grovedale to an upset limit of $62,000 with funds to come from the 2021 Information Services Operational Budget.

Greenview to Donate Surplus Digital Communications Tools

Greenview recognizes barriers encountered by non-profit organizations due to the significant costs of technology. In keeping with Council’s priority to give back to Greenview communities, Council moved to approve the donation of used digital communications tools to interested non-profit organizations for a period of two months. Used digital communications tools will be offered as a donation by application to non-profit organizations until July 9, 2021. Information for non-profit organizations within Greenview to apply for this program will be shared on the website and social media channels.

Town of Fox Creek Gets the Greenlight on Annexation Request

In efforts to assist Greenview’s municipal partners to build sustainable growth, Council voted in favour of endorsing the proposed annexation of the lands described as Plan 1922148, Block 2 and Plan 192248 Block 3, and directed Administration to provide written confirmation of said endorsement to the Town of Fox Creek.


  Upcoming Events and Meetings

  • May 26, 2021 – Agricultural Services Board Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • June 8, 2021 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • July 1, 2021 – Canada Day Statutory Holiday. All Greenview Administrative Offices Closed
  • July 13, 2021 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers

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