July 6, 2023

Council Highlights – June 27, 2023

Valleyview, Alberta

Tax Arrears Payment Plan Bylaw 23-947 Approved
While Greenview has a program to allow taxpayers in good standing to enter the Tax Installment Payment Program and have taxes automatically processed on a monthly payment plan, there is no program for taxpayers with arrears. Council gave third reading and approval for Bylaw 23-947, facilitating working with companies that need to have confirmation of payment plans for the Alberta Energy Regulator, and will allow other taxpayers to benefit from accepted plans and not just voluntary payments.

Greenview to Provide a Service Feasibility Report for Grovedale Industrial Park
During the April 11 Regular Council Meeting, Council made a motion directing Administration to do an in-house high-level feasibility study on costs for adding water and possibly sewer to the Grovedale Winters Industrial Park. Council received the report for information on the exploration of the options and costs of expanding the water and wastewater service within the Grovedale Industrial Park. The table below shows the estimated cost options presented:

Fireman’s Pit and Grande Cache Firefighters Association
Fireman’s Pit, located southwest of the Hamlet of Grande Cache, was developed by the Grande Cache Fire Department within the former Town of Grande Cache’s (the Town) gravel pit lease. In 1986, the site was formally recognized as a recreation area through the establishment of a provincial recreation lease held by the Town. Greenview inherited the provincial disposition for Fireman’s Pit during the dissolution of the former Town of Grande Cache. Since that time, Administration has been working with the Province to renew and update the lease as required. Now that the lease has been renewed, Council authorized Administration to establish a formal sublease with the Grande Cache Firefighter’s Association for the operation of Fireman’s Pit, along with an agreement with the Grande Cache Firefighter’s Association to grant ownership of all infrastructure within Greenview’s provincial recreation disposition (REC 850036). Council further authorized Administration to add the Grande Cache Firefighter’s Association to Greenview’s Additional Named Insured list and to provide lawn mowing services as an in-kind donation to the Association for a period of 3 years, from 2023-2025.

Greenview Spring Community Grant Funding Approved
On June 20, 2023, the Committee of the Whole reviewed and recommended that Council disburse the 2023 Spring Community Grants. The Committee of the Whole reviewed each of the grant applications during the meeting and made recommendations accordingly with the resulting “2023 Approved Spring Grant Listing”. On January 10, 2023, at a regular Council meeting, Council previously approved Community Grants totalling $557,228.75 to provide funding support for non-profit community groups for capital projects and operating expenses. At the June 27, 2023, regular Council meeting, Greenview approved an additional $314,321.11 to support community groups, with $309,321.11 of funds to come from the 2023 Community Services Grants and Sponsorships budget and $5,000.00 of funds to come from the 2023 Agricultural Services Budget.


Upcoming Events and Meetings
• July 11, 2023 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers
• July 11, 2023 – Ratepayer BBQ, DeBolt Public Service Building
• July 18, 2023 – Committee of the Whole Meeting, Grande Cache Public Service Building
• July 18, 2023 – Ratepayer BBQ, Grande Cache Recreation Centre
• July 25, 2023 – Regular Council Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers

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