Grande Cache Recreation Centre to Implement Combined Heat and Power Generation System

Administration explored the opportunity to provide a combined heat and power cogeneration system for the Grande Cache Recreation Centre. This Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) consists of installing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system to provide electricity generation and supplement heating demand. The generated electricity may be used on-site or exported to the grid whenever the output is higher than the building’s need, up to prescribed Alberta Micro-generation Regulation limits. The regulation permits electricity generation equal to 100% of the facility’s annual needs.
Greenview engaged 3D Energy Ltd to perform a detailed energy assessment on the Recreation Centre, which would meet the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) Level 2 standards. The primary goal was to identify energy conservation measures that would facilitate planning for improved performance resulting in reductions in operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. This data was then submitted to the MCCAC to consider grant funding under the Recreation Energy Conservation program. Greenview has recently received notification that it would be eligible for a rebate in the amount of $657,825.00.
Council moved to approve funding in the amount of $246 275.00 and a 10% contingency of $90 460.00 (plus GST) for the implementation and installation of a combined heat and power generation system at the Grande Cache Recreation Centre, with funds to come from the contingency reserve.

Greenview to Draft a Letter of Support for Highway 40X Bypass

Greenview Administration received a request from the County of Grande Prairie to draft a Letter of Support addressed to Alberta Transportation to begin construction on the bypass on Highway 40X. The highway 40X bypass would provide an alternative route for vehicles travelling through the City of Grande Prairie without travelling through the downtown area. A bypass can reduce traffic congestion within the city and provide travellers with a faster route. Council moved to direct Administration to draft a letter of support with the County of GP to lobby AB Transportation to begin construction on the Highway 40X bypass.

Council Approves Letter of Support for Digital Message Boards

At the November 24, 2020, joint Council meeting with the County of Grande Prairie, the Councils discussed sending a letter to Alberta Transportation regarding the placement of digital message boards along Highway 40. The request will detail the need for signage on either side of the bridge crossing the Wapiti River, as well as on Highway 43 on both sides of the Smoky River bridge to forewarn travellers of potential dangers on or near bridges that are not visible from the hills’ crest and should be placed before chaining up areas.
Council moved to direct Administration to send a letter to Minister of Transportation Ric McIvor. Copies will also be sent to Alberta Transportation’s Peace Region Director, Ryan Konowalyk; County of Grande Prairie; Honorable Travis Toews MLA Grande Prairie-Wapiti; Mr. Martin Long MLA West Yellowhead, and Mr. Todd Loewen MLA Central Peace-Notley regarding the placement of digital message boards to high traffic bridges, intersections, and highway corridors.

Greenview Appoints Member at Large to Greenview Library Board

Council voted to appoint Beverly Plamondon-Street to the MD of Greenview Library Board as a member at large for a one year term.


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• February 24, 2021 – Agricultural Services Board Meeting, Valleyview Council Chambers


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