December 14, 2022

Council Highlights – December 13, 2022

 Valleyview, Alberta

Greenview Council Adopts Interim 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets
Council deliberated the 2023 budgets over three days in November and approved the 2023 interim operating budget and 2023 capital budget at the December 13, 2022, regular Council meeting.
Operating expenses of $154.4 million reflect an overall decrease of $9.4 million from the 2022 Operating budget. Budget 2023 will be finalized pending the completion of property assessment values, provincial requisitions collected on behalf of the Government of Alberta, and seniors’ foundation requisitions.
The 2023 Capital budget allows for infrastructure costs for roads, bridges, utilities, equipment, and buildings and includes $58.7 million in new commitments.
The interim budget covers day-to-day operating expenses and allows projects to proceed until the final budget is approved in the spring. Council will also set tax rates in the spring of 2023.

Town of Valleyview and Greenview Fire Service Two-Year Agreement Gets Approval
The current Memorandum of Agreement for the provision of the joint use of firefighting equipment and services between the Town of Valleyview and Greenview will expire on December 31, 2022. Council authorized Administration to enter into a two-year Memorandum of Agreement with the Town of Valleyview and the MD of Greenview No. 16 for the provision of the joint use of firefighting equipment and firefighting services in the Valleyview Fire District.

Community Futures West Yellowhead Gets Greenview Support
Council moved to provide Community Futures West Yellowhead with a one-time sum of $10,000 to support their 2023-2024 initiatives and programming with funds to come from the 2023 Economic Development Operating Budget. Community Futures West Yellowhead offers business training, coaching, networking events, and flexible business supports for small businesses and start-ups in the Grande Cache area.

Greenview Supports Railway Advocacy
Council directed Administration to provide a $2000 donation to support the Canadian Strategy Group (CSG) regarding railway advocacy, with the funds to come from the 2022 Community Services Grants and sponsorships budget. The Canadian Strategy Group will utilize financial support from municipal partners to develop an advocacy strategy for communities and industry.

Greenview to Provide Letter of Support for Safety Review of Highway 43 Adjacent to Fox Creek
The Town of Fox Creek believes that the current speed limit on Highway 43 going through the municipality poses significant safety risks to the travelling public. Council moved to direct Administration to provide the Town of Fox Creek with a letter of support for a safety review of Highway 43 adjacent to the municipality, including the acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Peace Country Beef Congress Event Gets Greenview Support
The Peace Country Beef Congress is a non-profit organization that hosts and plans an event each year that helps local livestock producers attend and promote their cattle and farming-related equipment to other local producers. Council approved a sponsorship in the amount of $5,000.00 to the Peace Country Beef Congress for the show scheduled for January 6 & 7, 2023, at Evergreen Park in the County of Grande Prairie, with funds to come from the 2022 Community Services Grants and Sponsorships budget.

Greenview Council Requests a Report on Methods to Show Opposition to Bill C-21
Council moved to direct Administration to investigate and provide a report on some ways in which this Council can show their opposition to the Federal Bill C-21 Gun Ban proposed by the Government of Canada.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

  • December 20, 2022 – Committee of the Whole, Valleyview Council Chambers
  • December 26, 2022 – Boxing Day – Greenview Administration Offices Closed
  • December 27-30, 2022 – Greenview Administration Offices Closed to the public only

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