Area Structure Plan Steering Committee Members Wanted!

To create effective Area Structure Plans for DeBolt and Ridgevalley, the Area Structure Plan (ASP) Steering Committee needs community members to participate and provide their feedback and guidance.

The Steering Committee will coordinate and provide input for the development of the ASPs, working closely with Invistec Consulting Ltd. who will hold workshops, meetings, and surveys to collect feedback for each of the hamlet Area Structure Plans.

Bylaw 23-945 has been introduced to meet Municipal Government Act requirements for the creation of a Council Committee, which is proposed to consist of two (2) Councillors, six (6) residents (three from each Hamlet), and two (2) local business owners (one from each Hamlet).

If you have expertise or interest in becoming part of this committee, please fill out an application for Appointment to a Municipal Board/Committee here

For more information or questions, please get in touch with Samantha Dyck, Manager of Planning and Development at 780.524.6078 or email at