BEWARE of Fire-Damaged Trees Still Standing!

Please be aware of the dangers in areas where trees are still standing, both during and after wildfire activity. Root system damage causes trees still upright to be VERY unstable. Even a light wind can cause fire-damaged trees to fall. Keep in mind that even seemingly stable trees might have suffered extensive root damage, making them susceptible to toppling.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Safety First:
    Approach with caution! Charred and weakened trees may pose a risk of falling or dropping branches unexpectedly. Stay away from areas with visibly damaged trees, especially during strong winds or inclement weather.
  • Look Up, Stay Aware:
    Keep an eye on your surroundings, especially when you’re near burned areas. Watch for hanging branches or leaning trees that could collapse without warning. Stay a safe distance away and report any hazardous conditions to the appropriate authorities.

Let’s spread the word and help one another stay aware of the risks associated with wildfire-damaged trees. Together, we can ensure safer and stronger communities!