With winter’s arrival in our community, this is a friendly reminder for all that the “Snow Removal Bylaw” is in place to remove snow from commercial and residential sidewalks. In order to provide safe walking surfaces for our kids and seniors, let’s all work together to make our walkways safer for everyone!

Remember, whenever snow or ice is deposited on a sidewalk, adjacent to a parcel of land, the owner and/or occupant of the parcel of land, shall remove the snow or ice from the sidewalk within:

a) 24 hours for commercial property (Sundays and Statutory holidays excepted)
b) 48 hours for residential property (Sundays and Statutory holidays excepted)

Also, a reminder that vehicles cannot be parked on the roadway, without being moved, for more than 72 hours. With plowing efforts in progress, vehicles that are left on the roadway for longer than 72 hours, will be towed at the owner’s expense. Section 76(2)(a) of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

For more details on sidewalk clearing, snow placed on roadways & sidewalks, snow on roofs & eaves, and offences, fines & enforcement, please read the Grande Cache Snow Removal and Ice Control By-Law No. 774.