June 27, 2024

Exciting New “Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Experience” Launches at the Grande Cache Tourism Centre

Valleyview, Alberta — Greenview is delighted to announce the grand opening of the “Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Experience,” an innovative virtual reality experience that brings the prehistoric world to life. Thanks to the generous support of PrairiesCan’s Tourism Relief Fund, this immersive exhibit offers visitors a unique chance to walk among dinosaurs and experience the ancient world like never before.

Opening on June 27, 2024, the “Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Exhibit” invites dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages to embark on a thrilling journey back in time. Utilizing state-of-the-art VR technology, visitors can explore meticulously recreated habitats from the Mesozoic era, encountering life-sized dinosaurs in a dynamic and interactive environment.

“This exhibit is a monstrous addition to tourism in Grande Cache,” said Greenview Reeve Tyler Olsen. “We are incredibly grateful to the PrairiesCan Tourism Relief Fund for their support in bringing this innovative project to fruition. The Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Experience provides an educational and entertaining experience and positions Grande Cache as a premier destination for tech-savvy tourists and dinosaur lovers alike.”

“Our investments in locally led initiatives and partnerships with organizations, such as the Grande Cache Tourism Centre, are helping create attractions that contribute to the economic vibrancy of communities across the Prairies,” said the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan. “Today’s grand opening of the ‘Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Experience’ will provide a unique and memorable experience that helps draw visitors to the Alberta Northern Rockies region for years to come.”

“The opening of the ‘Cache In on Dino Discovery VR Experience’ is an exciting milestone and will serve as an enjoyable and educational experience for people of all ages and abilities,” said Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages. “Through this investment, our government is proud to support the Grande Cache community to position itself as a premier attraction for visitors from across Canada and around the globe.”

The real Grande Cache Dinosaur Tracksite, located about 20 kilometres north of the hamlet on a sheer cliff at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, is the only large-scale area of its kind in Canada, according to the Alberta Registrar of Historic Places. Soon, visitors to Grande Cache can virtually visit and interact with this site through an experience created at Lethbridge College. Faculty and students participating in the Spatial Technologies Applied Research and Training Initiative developed the virtual experience.

The dinosaur track site was first unearthed by mining operations at the former Smoky River Coal Mine in 1969. Along a cliff face stretching about a kilometre, approximately 10,000 dinosaur footprints are embedded evidence of the creatures that roamed there during the Cretaceous period. Due to shifts in the earth, the tracks are now displayed vertically and are difficult to access. The area containing the tracks is privately leased, adding another layer of inaccessibility to the site.

The exhibit’s development has been a collaborative effort, combining the expertise of paleontologists, VR developers, and educational specialists to ensure an accurate and engaging portrayal of dinosaur life. The VR experience includes detailed informational segments about various species and their ecosystems, making it enriching for families, school groups, and individual visitors.

PrairiesCan funding of more than $55,000 is being provided through its Tourism Relief Fund. The Tourism Relief Fund supported tourism businesses and organizations to adapt operations to meet public health requirements, offer innovative products and services to visitors and prepare to welcome travelers to Canada.  PrairiesCan is the federal department that diversifies the economy across the Canadian Prairies and administers the Fund in Alberta.

The Grande Cache Tourism Centre invites media, local officials, and the public to join the opening ceremony on June 27, 2024, at 2:00 PM. Attendees will have the first opportunity to experience the exhibit and speak with the team behind its creation.



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