Advisory – This is an Alberta Emergency Alert. MD of Greenview has updated a Wildfire Alert.

Effective May 24, 2023 -12:00 pm

Area: The Evacuation Order remains in effect for areas south along Highway 43 to Highway 947, including Townships to the west and southwest. Residents along Highway 43 between TWP RD 670 and TWP RD 650 including the Hamlet of Little Smoky can now return home.

Instruction: People in the identified Evacuation Order area must remain evacuated. Residents previously included in the Evacuation Order but not listed above remain on Evacuation Alert. Heavy smoke remains in the area. It is not recommended that you return yet if you have respiratory issues.

Nobody is permitted in or near the active fire perimeter, as displayed on this map. Check Alberta Wildfire Status Map for the most up to date wildfire information.

Returning Safely | Welcome Home Guide and Resources

Please review the Welcome Home Guide links below for important information to help you safely return to your home, including first steps, utility information, water safety, insurance information, FireSmart and more.

Welcome Home – Re-Entry Guide

Additional information:

Click here to view the updated PDF map