From: Alberta Emergency Management Agency

Issued: May 22, 2023 at 03:04 PM

Alberta Wildfire has changed the status of the Sturgeon Lake Complex Fire to “Being Held.” This means that given current weather conditions and resources, the wildfire is not anticipated to grow past expected boundaries.

Area: The evacuation order remains in effect for everyone South of TWP RD 720, West of RR 223, North of TWP RD 712, West of RR 231, South of TWP RD 705A, and West of RR 230 (up to the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation East Boarder). Also included is Young’s Point Provincial Park.

Description: Wildfire Sturgeon Lake Complex is impacting residents in this area. All residents in this area remain under a mandatory evacuation.

Instruction: People in the identified Evacuation Order area must remain evacuated. Residents previously included in the Evacuation Order, but not listed above remain on Evacuation Alert. Be prepared to evacuate on short notice. Heavy smoke remains in the area. It is not recommended that you return yet if you have respiratory issues. Air quality has been impacted by the wildfires

Returning Safely | Welcome Home Guide and Resources

Please review the Welcome Home Guide links below for important information to help you safely return to your home, including first steps, utility information, water safety, insurance information, FireSmart and more.

Welcome Home – Re-Entry Guide

Updated Evacuation Map May 22, 2023