Rural Crime Prevention

MD of Greenview, along with the RCMP want to help citizens create a safer home environment for themselves and their families that will also detract from unwanted criminal activity.

The most common property crimes within Greenview include theft of property and vehicles, break and enters mischief to property, and possession of stolen goods. Local policing agencies are working together to combat crime in the region, but they can’t do it alone! Residents are the eyes and ears for policing agencies and their tips might just be the missing link police need to catch a criminal.

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity by calling their local RCMP Detachment at:

Valleyview 780.524.3343
Fox Creek 780.622.3580
DeBolt 780.830.5701
Grovedale 780.830.5701
Grande Cache 780.827.3344

Crime Prevention starts with you

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an approach to crime prevention that focuses on modifying an environment – like a home, shed or shop – to reduce the opportunities for crime to occur.

Criminals learn to recognize potentially good or bad places or situations for a crime. Making a few easy and cost-effective changes on your property can increase safety and act as a deterrent for criminals.

Taking some or all of the following steps can help make you a less desirable target for criminals.

Click on the boxes to learn how these simple steps can help.

Lock Doors and Windows

Door Security

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Door Security

Exterior Motion Lights

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design


Secure Outbuildings

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Securing Outbuildings

Assessing Natural Access

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Assessing Property Access

Don't Advertise

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Don’t Advertise Information

Yard Maintenance

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Keeping your yard maintained 


Greenview has partnered with Lightcatch to help reduce rural crime rates, increase community awareness and collaboration using the free Lightcatch app.  Everyone who works or lives within Greenview will have the ability to report trouble and alert other app users nearby.

The Lightcatch app is a crowdsource solution that is safe and easy for the public to use to alert others in their area of suspicious activity. All self-reported alerts on the app are entirely confidential, and the platform is managed by sophisticated programming to ensure facial anonymity. In addition, an operations team monitors and supervises submitted alerts 24 hours per day to minimize false and erroneous posts.

Lightcatch is used for community engagement and collaboration between neighbours.  It allows you to receive notifications of possible crimes within a 20km radius.  Lightcatch does not automatically report these crimes to the RCMP, so the first step would be to call 911 or your local RCMP detachment.

The Lightcatch App is free to download

Lightcatch for Android

Lightcatch for Apple

Click here to find out how to create an alert

How to create and alert

On the home screen, you can see how many people have the Lightcatch App in your area.

Click here for more information Who has Lightcatch nearby

For more information, please visit: Lightcatch

Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping

RCMP Crime Mapping for the Municipal District of Greenview area is now available for viewing. The Crime Map enables residents to access current and verified information regarding criminal incidents in their area. Equipped with accurate information, Alberta RCMP hopes citizens will use the map to develop sound crime prevention habits for their families and their communities and encourage citizens to report suspicious activities.

How does the Crime Map Work?

  • The RCMP crime map displays reports or criminal incidents as received by the RCMP within the last 14 days
  • Crime types presented on the map include theft of motor vehicle, break and enter, theft over/under $5,000, mischief and missing person reports
  • These crim types were selected as information to help develop local crime prevention strategies
  • In the interest of privacy, the exact location of each crime occurrence is not plotted.  Locations are estimated to a nearby road.

Where can I find the Crime Maps?

Click on the buttons below to view the crime map in your area.
*Please note that you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions pop up before you are able to access the map

Grande Cache Crime Map
Valleyview Crime Map
Grande Prairie Crime Map

Crime Prevention Tips and Resources

The Rural Crime Watch Program was designed to reduce the incidence of crime in all rural areas and to create a more thorough understanding and awareness of the laws. It is completely voluntary involving all rural residents working in cooperation with their local RCMP detachments.

There are 3 chapters within Greenview that residents can belong to depending on location.

These chapters include:
DeBolt (Grande Prairie)

Why crime watch?

Communities with organized crime prevention programs have a lower rate of criminal activity.

Become a member

  • Learn about rural crime and crime prevention
  • Learn how to properly identify and report suspicious activity
  • Get tips and tools to protect yourself and your property

Be part of the solution

  • Report suspicious activity
  • Inventory and mark your property
  • Be aware – know your neighbours
  • Post your Crime Watch signs

For more information, please visit Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association

Crime Prevention

The goal of National Crime Prevention Services is to provide Canadians with information on effective ways to prevent and reduce crime by reducing risk factors before crime happens.

We work closely with our partners and stakeholders in the provinces and territories to develop and implement programs that target specific crime issues in communities across Canada.

For more information, please visit RCMP – Crime Prevention

Seniors Guidebook to Safety and Security is a publication provided by the RCMP.  This guide is for seniors, their family members, caregivers, friends, and anyone else who may find it useful. It is not meant to include everything but tries to answer some common concerns when it comes to seniors’ safety and security. Our goal is to raise awareness of seniors’ safety issues to improve their quality of life.

The information in this guide can also be used to help people and their loved ones discuss this topic to help recognize a potential crime situation and show how to reduce or remove the risk.

To read the entire publication, please visit: Seniors Guidebook to Safety and Security

Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association was established in 1989 as the Alberta Community Police Advisory Committee by provincial Police Services as a means to discuss mutual crime-related issues within communities/police/government. In 1990 it became the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA).

ACCPA’s goal is to ensure safety to Albertans and their communities through education and crime prevention awareness. We do this by:

  1. Acting as the ” information hub” of crime prevention initiatives for the province
  2. Coordinating an Annual Crime Prevention conference with keynote speakers and workshops
  3. Promoting Crime Prevention week
  4. Coordinating Fraud Prevention Month

For more information on ACCPA, please visit: Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association

Everyone benefits when we look out for each other.
Protecting Alberta’s rural communities is a collective responsibility.  Pick up the phone and report crime and suspicious activity to your local RCMP detachment, or go online to report eligible property crimes at Online Property Crime Reporting