Greenview is allowing controlled access to residents of Sandy Bay.
May 29. 2023 Update: No permits for access will be required.

As of 1:00 pm on May 27, 2023, Greenview will allow controlled access to residents of Sandy Bay looking to get to their residences. Property owners will not be required to complete an access permit for entry and exit into and out of the community. Still, Greenview reminds everyone to maintain safety awareness when navigating in and around wildfire-damaged areas. 
As with entering any area affected by wildfire, Please be aware of the dangers in areas where trees are still standing, both during and after wildfire activity. Root system damage causes trees still upright to be VERY unstable. Even a light wind can cause fire-damaged trees to fall. Keep in mind that even seemingly stable trees might have suffered extensive root damage, making them susceptible to toppling. 
Please get in touch with the following utilities for questions:
  • Power: ATCO at 1-800-511-3447 / 310-5678
  • Natural Gas: 780-957-3792 or 780-831-2024
NOTE: Be aware wildfire crews and equipment continue to work in the area. This is still an active firefighting operation. Travel safely in the area to keep our road crews and firefighters safe.
Stay safe everyone! 🙏💚