Snow Removal

Snowplowing of Private Rural Driveways

Snowplowing of private rural driveways is offered as a service for the rural residents of the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16.  During the July 25, 2017 Regular Scheduled Council meeting, Council made the motion modifying the Schedule of Fees, changing the Snowplow Driveway rate from $30.00 to $50.00 as per Motion 17.07.286.

New applicants should come into the Operations Office in Valleyview or Grovedale. They will receive a one-time Snowplow Request Sign indicating the resident’s Agreement number. The snowplow sign is to be placed at a location that is easily visible to the equipment operator when the resident is requesting the snowplow service. The driveways will be cleared as time and priorities permit, the equipment operator will record the appropriate agreement number acknowledging that the driveway has been plowed. The M.D. will issue an invoice to the resident for the service on a monthly basis. The snow plowing service is for residence accesses only; parking areas, granary access, hay access, and other areas are not considered driveways, and will not be cleared.

Residents who would like this service will be required to enter into an non-transferable agreement prior to the service being provided. This agreement can be obtained from any of the M.D. offices in Valleyview, signs are available for pick up from the Operations building once the agreement is signed. For residents in the Grovedale area please call 780.539-0863 to sign an agreement and receive a sign.

For residents in the Grande Cache area’s Cooperatives and Enterprises, snow plow flags can be purchased for $50.00 plus G.S.T at the M.D. of Greenview Sub Office located at the Eagle’s Nest (10028 – 99 Street, Grande Cache). This is a one time flag that should be placed at the end of the driveway when plowing is required. The operator will pick up the flag when plowing has been completed and return it to our office so it can be utilized again. To reach our Grande Cache office please call 780.827.5155.

2019-20 Snowplow Agreement