Health & Safety

Live, Work & Play Safe

The Municipality prides itself on our Health & Safety Program.  The program is very comprehensive and informative, and our number one mandate is that all or our employees go home safe at the end of the day.  Our motto is ‘Live, Work & Play Safe’.  We do not promote safe work hour awards, but instead promote and reward employees for bringing items to the attention of the committee or management so that they can be investigated and rectified.   We also reward employees when they are noticed doing something safe, removing a hazard, etc.


Every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions.  Every reasonable effort shall be made to provide for safe and healthy working conditions, and to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers or damage to property or equipment.

Management and the Health and Safety Committee are responsible for the promotion of safety and the education of all employees.

All employees are responsible to mutually cooperate with fellow employees for the success of the Health and Safety Program.


It is the policy of the Greenview to promote and enforce safe working conditions.  Health and Safety will be given primary importance in planning and operating municipal activities in order to protect employees against hardship and suffering caused by industrial injuries, and to protect the Municipality against unnecessary financial burden, liability and reduced efficiency.