Human Resources

Futures Flourish Here

Ready to take a leap forward?  Your future is waiting in Greenview where intriguing career opportunities and a great lifestyle are always in balance.

Like many pockets of Alberta, Greenview is in growth mode.  As such, we currently have many career opportunities for skilled labour and professionals who want to be part of building a thriving future.

The diversity of our municipality is your assurance of continuous professional development.  With four strong economic pillars and 8 communities, there is a perpetual need for motivated employees eager to contribute skills and experience.  We are vigorous advocates of professional development, skills training, continuous improvement and succession planning.  Our best employees are long-term.

Families Thrive Here

We like to think we have something very special here.  In addition to a strong economic platform, our communities are caring, steeped in cultural heritage and anchored in values that champion a great quality of life.  People don’t just come here to work.  They plant roots in our communities where they discover a wealth of indoor and outdoor recreational activities, a strong educational system, rich cultural diversity for all ages and interests, and direct access to comprehensive urban services.

What can you expect as a member of our team?

Exceptional benefits and room to grow

Talking good care of our employees and their families is a commitment we take seriously and our benefits program reflects this.  We encourage professional development, apprenticeship programs and initiatives for continuous improvement.  That’s because we view our employee relationships as long-term partnerships.  We make every effort to promote from within when appropriate.

What can you expect as a Greenview employee?

As starting point, count on respect, honesty and open communication in all aspects of your work environment.  We’re team players and we know effective teams are comprised of individuals who are encouraged to freely contribute new and fresh ideas.

Get Home in Time for Supper

Greenview is a great place to live, work and play

We’re the first to say we value a good day’s effort and we’re proud as a municipality to have a culture that includes a strong work ethic.  However, we know that a healthy work/life balance is important for growing families and sustainable communities.

Our municipality is a virtual playground for nature lovers who can’t wait to get outside to go camping, fishing, boating hiking, climbing, downhill and cross country skiing, mountain biking and hunting.  Our residents are active (and sometimes competitive!) participants in team sports, theatre, music and the arts.  On any given weekend or holiday, residents and visitors enjoy safe, affordable and accessible community events including rodeos, craft fairs, art exhibitions, theatre productions and so much more.