Programs for Children/Youth


I Can Handle Anger is a 6 week program that teaches grade one and two students how to handle anger and other difficult emotions.

Rainbows-  is a support group for children who have suffered loss in their lives, which can include separation, divorce, death, a move or dealing with a painful experience. This program runs for eight weeks and is run on a referral and parent recommended basis.  Rainbows is a grief and loss program offered to all surrounding schools and includes activities such as mask making, clay building, drawing, and round table discussions.

Home Alone is offered  to all Grade 4 classes in the M.D. (Ridgevalley, Valleyview, Grovedale). This program focuses on safety in the home and prepares children to be left alone for short periods of time. Some of the topics covered during the day are fire safety, looking after siblings, 911 call role play, safety videos, roles and responsibilities as well as kitchen/food preparation safety. This is a camp2one day program that runs from 9am until 3pm (lunch and snacks are provided).

Girls Group/ Boys Council are programs focused on building students’ personal strengths and developing essential social skills which will help them to be more successful at school, at home and with peers. These groups cover a variety of topics such as self-esteem, teamwork, getting along with others, etc.

SKILLS is designed to assist grade 8 students to gain factual information and to identify and resist pressure and influence to become sexually involved before they are ready and/or able to cope with the consequences, as well as developing healthy interpersonal relationships.

Body Talk is a 4 week program provided in schools and aimed at students in grade 5/6.  Students learn how to communicate effectively within boundaries and sustain healthy relationships.  This program addresses anatomy, puberty, hygiene and menstruation.

Why Try Program is to help youth answer the question “why try in life,” when they are frustrated, confused, or angry with life’s pressures and challenges. The Why Try program teaches youth that trying hard in life and putting effort into challenges at home, at school, and with peers is worth the effort. The program, its visual analogies, and its questions stress to youth that although making good decisions can be difficult, doing so results in more opportunity, freedom and self-respect. Giving up and doing things that hurt us and others, on the other hand, takes away opportunities, freedom and self-respect.

Babysitting Course is a one day program, in partnership with St. John Ambulance, for youth 11 and up that teaches everything a babysitter needs to know . The course includes sessions such as infant care, safety in the home, handling emergency situations and much more.

KIDO the goal of this program is to create awareness of peer pressure.  Themes include bullying; abuse; drugs and online safety.

Friendship Groups are small group settings requested by teachers or School Principals to address and support conflicts, issues or cooperation strategies in the school.

MindUP is a program that uses mindfulness to teach emotional self regulation in students.  This program also implements the use of a Sparks Fly stationary bicycle.

Hands are not for Hitting is a program that teaches children (K-1) how to properly use their bodies when they are experiencing difficult emotions.