General Community Services

Community Resource Center-  Individuals are offered community information and referral to Green View FCSS staff and other community agencies; employment supports, housing information, Food Bank, addictions, mental health, daycare, recreation, income assistance, etc.

HEART- a domestic violence initiative formed in 2014.  HEART stands for Health, Education & Action in Relationships Team.  Stakeholders include RCMP, Victims Assistance for Valleyview and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, Child and Family Services, and Green View FCSS.

Volunteer Appreciation- annually Green View FCSS organizes an event in Valleyview and Grovedale to recognize volunteerism in the community.

Interagency meetings- FCSS hosts monthly interagency meetings where various organizations share programs and services.  Attendees include: Alberta Health Services, addictions, mental health, school staff, Early Childhood Development, Early Intervention, Victim’s Assistance, RCMP, Child and Family Services, Adult Literacy, etc.


welcome basket photo


Welcome Baskets are provided to all newcomers in the municipality.  The intent is to create awareness of FCSS programs as well as other community services and businesses in the area.



Emergency Social Services- In times of a disaster, FCSS is tasked with providing emergency social services to residents of Greenview or those neighboring municipalities.  Services may include: food, housing, child care, pet care, personal services, etc.