Water Points & Water Treatment Plants

The Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 operates and maintains eleven water points throughout the M.D.  These are bulk water stations that the public can fill their water tanks at.  These stations are located at Crooked Creek, Goodwin, Grovedale, New Fish Creek, Puskwaskau, Sandy Bay, South Wapiti, Sturgeon Heights, Sunset House, Sweathouse, and Little Smoky.  The Little Smoky Water Point was completed in 2013 with all of the evaluations and approvals that are included with a water point. M.D. staff monitors these locations on a weekly basis and takes water sample each month to ensure good water quality. These wells are also sampled on an annual basis and sent out to private laboratories for analysis to ensure we are meeting federal guidelines.

*Please Note: Sturgeon Heights Water Point will be out of service until further notice.
We apologize for any inconvenience.


Water Point Locations:

Map of All Water Point Locations:

Water Point Location Map

Water Treatment Plants:

The M.D. operates water treatment plants and water distribution systems in the hamlets of DeBolt, Ridgevalley and Little Smoky. The water for these systems come from ground water. M.D. staff maintains these systems to the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Water samples are taken weekly and sent out to the provincial lab for analysis. Annual samples from each of the wells are also sent out to provincial laboratories for analysis to ensure we are meeting federal guidelines.