Oilfield Requests

The Alberta Energy Regulator regulates the energy sector as authorized by various acts of the province of Alberta and the regulations under those acts. These acts and regulations, as well as directives, interim directives, and informational letters, contain the requirements that govern the energy industry under the jurisdiction of the ERCB. Bulletins are used to announce regulatory changes but do not set out regulatory requirements.

The Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 is responsible for approving, inspecting and coordinating numerous oilfield related requests including projects pertaining to new wellsites, pipelines, access roads, pipeline and access road crossings, riser sites and seismic activity.

Please be advised that as of May 2011 the Municipal District of Greenview will no longer be responding to any requests located with in the theoretical government road allowance. Section 18(1) of the Municipal Government Act authorizes that a Municipality has the direction, control and management of all roads within a Municipality. The Act defines road as “land shown as a road on a plan of survey that has been filed or registered in a land title office, or used as a public road.  Since theoretic road allowances are neither “plans of survey filed or registered at the land titles office” or ” public roads”, Municipalities do not have direction, control and management of these lands. Theoretic road allowances are public land administered by Sustainable Resource Development under the Public Lands Act, however, your project notifications are still appreciated.

The Municipal District of Greenview has partnered with RoaData Services Ltd.   with an on-line application system, that is used by oil companies and/or land agencies. This system will significantly reduce approval time, drastically reduce administrative time and improve the tracking of all applications made. If you are interested in having your company or clients take part in this innovative system, see RoaData’s Approach Applications web page and contact them directly.  Greenview will no longer accept requests via email as of February 1, 2017.

RoaData assists with the permitting process.  Individuals and companies using Greenview roadways for the purpose of hauling equipment, materials or loads must have a road use agreement.  RoaData Services Ltd. will not issue a permit unless a road use agreement has been signed.