Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the water, wastewater as well as the municipal solid waste sites throughout Greenview.  This department is responsible for the following:

  • 3 water treatment plants and water distribution systems (DeBoltRidgevalley and Little Smoky)
  • 11 water points (Grovedale, South Wapiti, Goodwin, Puskwaskau, Crooked Creek, Sandy Bay, Sturgeon Heights, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse, and Little Smoky)
  • 5 wastewater treatment lagoons (GrovedaleDeBoltRidgevalley, Sturgeon Heights, and Little Smoky, Tony Creek). NOTE: the Little Smoky Lagoon will be CLOSED until further notice.
  • 4 wastewater collection systems (GrovedaleDeBoltRidgevalley and Little Smoky)
  • 1 landfill (Grande Cache)
  • 10 transfer stations (Grovedale, South Wapiti, DeBolt, Puskwaskau, Sturgeon Heights, Sandy Bay, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse and Little Smoky)
  • 9 recycling pads (Grovedale, South Wapiti, DeBolt, Sturgeon Heights, Puskwaskau, New Fish Creek, Sunset House, Sweathouse and Little Smoky)
  • 5 sets of recycle bins (GrovedaleDeBolt, Crooked Creek, Sunset House and Little Smoky)
  • Managing Partner for the Greenview Regional Waste Management Commission Landfill

Information on the Landfill & Transfer Stations including hours of operation.

Information on the Water Points.