Community Grants and Scholarships Program

Community Grants, Sponsorships & Donations and Scholarships

Greenview is committed to supporting sustainable organizations and activities that positively impact the lives of residents within Greenview and beyond our borders.

Community Grants

Not-for-Profit Organizations and Registered Societies looking to strengthen/grow services within Greenview and greater Region may apply for an operating and/or capital grant from Greenview once per year.  Council assesses each application with a focus on the impact and social well-being based on impact of the Greenview community.

      Community Grant deadlines are October 15th and April 15th annually.

Sponsorships & Donations

Not-for-Profit Organizations, Registered Societies and Annual Events may request funding once per calendar year directly tied to the operations of the event.

Greenview Sponsorship and Donation requests should be provided to Greenview no fewer than 60 days preceding the event.

Reporting Templates

Scholarships Information

College Trades Apprenticeships Scholarship and the University 4-Year College Program Scholarship:

Greenview is pleased to introduce the following: “University and 4-Year College Program Scholarship” and the “College, Trades and Apprenticeship Scholarship.” These scholarships will provide an opportunity for students to apply whether they are attending college, trades, apprenticeship programs or university studies.

  • University and 4-Year College Program Scholarships
    Students enrolled in four-year university or college programs are eligible for $2,500 in funding, with $25,000.00 in dedicated funding allocated annually.

  • 2-Year College, Trades and Apprenticeship Scholarships   
    Students enrolled in a two-year or less college, trades, or apprenticeship program are eligible for $1,500 in funding, with $15,000.00 in dedicated funding allocated annually.

Please view the details within the scholarship policies to determine your eligibility to apply, complete the application and submit it prior to the second Friday in May (May 14, 2021). Applicants will be notified regarding their application status in July/August.     
Should you have additional questions, please contact the Community Services Department at 780.524.7347.

Financial Assistance for Achievement Recognition Policy and Grant Application: