2020 Greenview Roadside Vegetation Control

Greenview Agricultural Services Department will be spraying roadsides within Greenview starting in mid June and shall continue until mid/late September, depending on weather conditions and length of the growing season.  Herbicide applications, both spot treatment and broadcast treatment (Wards 1, 3, 4, 8 and other wards are necessary) as well as other integrated management practices will be used throughout Greenview to control weeds and brush.

Selective herbicide application on roadsides is done to control the spread of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds and re-growth of small brush. The Provincial Weed Control Act dictates which species of weeds are to be controlled by the municipality and on private property. Most weed species are very prolific seed producers and can produce as many as 300,000 seeds per plant per year.  These seeds can then germinate the following growing season or lay dormant in the soil for a number of years until growing conditions are favorable for germination.  Many deep rooted perennials spread via the root system, therefore a single plant left alone can result in a heavy infestation in a relatively short period of time.

Weed infestations can invade and become the dominant plant species on any given parcel of land causing a number of problems:

  1. Limiting light and moisture availability to cereal and hay crops thus reducing yields and resulting in dockage
  2. Invading and choking out beneficial and native species
  3. Can be responsible for livestock poisoning
  4. Can pose a serious fire hazard
  5. Obstruct visibility along roadsides and intersections

Brush left to grow along roadsides also poses various problems:

  1. The obstruction of visibility along roadsides and intersections creating a situation which allows wildlife to jump onto the roadway unseen
  2. Roads tend to retain moisture longer requiring more maintenance
  3. They can pose a serious fire hazard
  4. Creates a snow removal problem

The herbicides which will be used this upcoming season (Clearview- PCP #29752, Escort- PCP  #23005, Garlon XRT – PCP #28495, Garlon RTU – PCP #29334, Lontrel 360- PCP #23545, Milestone- PCP #28517, Overdrive- PCP #30065, Tordon 101- PCP #9007, Tordon 22K- PCP # 9005, Sightline – PCP #30409, Vantage XRT – PCP #29994, Arsenal – PCP #23713, Navius – PCP #30922) are the same which we have used over the past several years.  Some of these herbicides have residual characteristics, so ratepayers should use caution when using roadside soil or plant material in garden and crop areas.

Residents who have any concerns or questions with respect to the vegetation management in their area are urged to contact the Agriculture Services Department at 780-524-7621.