Veterinary Services Incorporated (V.S.I.)

Veterinary Services Incorporated (VSI) is a non-profit organization created to assist ratepayers whose primary residence is within Greenview boundaries to acquire professional veterinary services.

VSI has entered into agreements with one or more Veterinarians for the provision of certain veterinary services and has agreed to pay a portion of the fees (50%) for those services in accordance with the funds received from Greenview on an annual basis.

Any producers of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, bison, cutter bees and honeybees who wish to participate in the program must enter into a VSI agreement with Greenview. Once the membership process is completed, Greenview will issue a VSI number unique to that individual.  To apply for a VSI number, please contact the Agricultural Services Department at (780) 524-7621. 

Alternatively, you can apply online: 
Click here to view the updated VSI Policy and Schedules for more information