Strategic Business Plan

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The Municipal District of Greenview Agricultural Service Board recognizes that it is beneficial to the agricultural community and municipal residents / ratepayers to provide ongoing progressive programs and services, and to encourage adoption of innovative technologies and best management practices designed to improve production and support an economical, environmentally sustainable agriculture industry while reducing the negative impacts on the natural environment.

The Agricultural Service Board strives to serve all municipal stakeholders through proactive programming that continually meets the needs of the agricultural community, while providing effective, responsive, and environmentally conscientious initiatives which adhere to designed legislation’s and encourage sustainable agricultural productivity; thereby enhancing quality of life for all municipal residents.


The Agricultural Service Board believes in responding to the needs of all municipal ratepayers in a respectful, courteous, effective, and timely manner.  The Board values accountability, honesty, integrity – in our Board and in our employees, promoting open, honest, communication and the provision of consistent, unbiased, equal service to all resident / ratepayers

Agricultural Service Board members are committed to remaining informed on relevant agricultural issues and strive to develop and implement programs which address the changing needs of the agricultural producers.  Board members encourage Administration staff to attend training and seminars, and to research available publications in order to gather useful information for dissemination to the public.

Innovation & Collaboration
The Agricultural Service Board believes in facilitating research in an effort to discover improved techniques and products which are beneficial to both agricultural production and the environment.  The Agricultural Service Board supports collaboration with other agencies and industries to mutually benefit the agriculture industry and the community as a whole.

Program Administration
The Agricultural Service Board believes agriculture is an important, valuable industry, and is committed to assist agriculture and Agri-business, by retaining knowledgeable qualifies staff to develop and deliver programs and services which promote long term profitability of agricultural producers.