In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the safety and protection of our Volunteer firefighters and communities throughout the MD of Greenview remains of the utmost importance and priority. Greenview Fire-Rescue Services provides medical response through the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Medical First Response program (MFR).  As an example if there is a emergency medical incident within the MD of Greenview the most appropriate Fire Station is automatically dispatched along with an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unit.

The Chief Medical Officer has recently announced that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has implemented changes to the dispatch protocols for response to emergency medical incidents.  Effective immediately, automatic notification of MFR agencies such as ours will be limited to potentially life-threatening events only.  Limiting the number of firefighters dispatched to non-critical events will reduce the number of potential exposures to the public, front line staff and the responding firefighters and will increase the availability of critical services for other emergency incidents.

Requests for response to other emergency incidents will continue as normal, Greenview Fire-Rescue Services will still respond to all major fires, MVC’s and potentially life-threatening medical emergencies.