October 28, 2020

MD of Greenview Hires Executive Director to Lead Advancement of Industrial Land Development

The Municipal District of Greenview is pleased to announce the addition of Kyle Reiling as the Executive Director, Greenview Industrial Development.

Kyle’s economic development experience spans 20 years, with a central focus on industrial growth. His comprehensive knowledge of industrial developments in Alberta was a key factor in this move. Specifically, his past roles and activities include Manager of Industrial Development for Strathcona County, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism at Sturgeon County, Manager of Transportation and Logistics for the City of Calgary, Vice President of Landrex Developments and Director of Industrial Development at WSP.

During his time at the municipal level, Kyle worked on business expansion and attraction projects, including Shell Scotford, Aux Sable, North West Redwater Partnership, and the IPPl Petrochemical Complex. Previous committee experience includes terms representing the combined Alberta Industrial Heartland Association and Province of Alberta Linear Infrastructure Corridor Committee. Kyle was also a Member of the Provincial-led Chemical Cluster Strategy Team working with the AIHA and the Province of Alberta.

“Greenview is pleased to have Kyle join our organization,” said Reeve Dale Smith. “We are confident he will move the industrial project formerly known as TMIP forward. The development of a large-scale Eco-Industrial zone is an important stage for expansion within Greenview, as the land presents a unique opportunity to establish additional value-added growth that will benefit the region and the Province of Alberta.”

While the area is already home to many respected companies, including CNRL, Seven Generations and Weyerheuser, Greenview is determined to increase probability, attracting more complementary companies attracted by this endeavour’s immeasurable potential. Located just south of Grande Prairie, the Greenview Industrial Development will comprise approximately 15,000 acres of industrial zoned land with rail access. Reiling has in mind a coordinated business attraction approach focused on strong value chains of methane, ethane and urea development.

“The reality that this area sits on the largest natural gas deposit in North America sets it apart and gives Greenview considerable advantage. With over 400 trillion cubic feet of proven marketable natural gas and 14 million barrels of marketable natural gas liquids, this formation is also one of the world’s largest known gas resources. In addition, an approved Area Structure Plan will speed up the approval process, and the future twinning of Highway 40 multiplies access to markets. This is of considerable value when companies are deciding on making significant investments, such as these facilities. They are comparing the industrial development potential here compared to others, not just in Canada but also in the world. With limited options to export feedstock, it is critical that we further advance value-added development in the Province of Alberta, and this industrial development will support this goal. This is an exciting initiative,” remarked Reiling.

For further information regarding this development, please contact Kyle Reiling at kyle.reiling@mdgreenview.ab.ca.


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