DECEMBER 23, 2019


Balanced approach and spending restraint:

Greenview Council approves 2020 interim budgets

Focusing on the development of critical infrastructure, maintaining and enhancing important community programs and services, and continued support of regional partnerships and collaborations, Councillors with the MD of Greenview have approved the 2020 Operating and Capital budget with no increase in the municipal mill rate.

Greenview’s combined 2020 operational and capital budget is $217.1 million which includes $52.4 million in project funding carried over from the 2019 budget. Projected revenues from all sources is estimated at $146.1 million including an anticipated $5 million in provincial funding through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI). Council has authorized a drawdown of $18.6 million from reserves to meet capital funding requirements.

“The fiscal plan for Greenview provides a balance between delivery of the programs and services to sustain and grow the regional economy and thoughtful restraint during a period of broader fiscal challenges. Despite the uncertainty of Alberta government support and a sluggish provincial economy, prudent spending and careful consideration of investments means zero increase in property tax.”

Dale Smith,

Reeve, MD of Greenview

“Maintaining and growing partnerships with neighbouring municipalities continues to be a priority. Throughout the 2020 budget, Council has maintained funding levels and provided the necessary financial resources for investment in collaborative initiatives, for the many programs and services across the municipality. The return on that investment is stronger, more resilient communities and direct mutual benefit to ratepayers across the region.”

Denise Thompson,

Chief Administrative Officer, MD of Greenview

Budget 2020 takes meaningful steps to restrain spending and includes a one-year, across-the-board wage freeze. Council and administration will continue to identify and implement operational efficiencies to reduce costs while ensuring the delivery of programs and services that matter to Greenview residents.

Budget 2020 will be finalized pending a decision by the Alberta government on the provincial education requestion property tax levy and the confirmation of property assessment values.”

Budget 2020 – Operational

Budget 2020 provides $120.6 million in operational funding, which includes the mandated Provincial Education Requisition of $24.9 million. Significant financial resources have been allocated to enhance the safety and security of Greenview residents and community-based initiatives including:

  • $27.9 million in support of operational requirements related to road and bridge maintenance including $9.3 million for maintenance of the Forestry Trunk Road.
  • Operational funding of $3.6 million and an additional $3.2 million in capital money to support emergency program including fire suppression and prevention, and community policing services.
  • Over $3.5 million to nonprofit organizations through the MD of Greenview’s Community Services Grants program, enabling organizations to leverage provincial and federal funding as well as individual and corporate donations to meet local needs.
  • Funding maintained to support of health services clinics in Valleyview and Fox Creek and aircraft facilities in Valleyview and DeBolt. The 2020 Community Services budget also reflects a one-time increase in support of renovations of seniors housing undertaken by Heart River Housing, the Evergreen Foundation, and the DeBolt as well as transportation and programming for our region’s seniors.
  • Investments in collaboration and economic development of over $8 million includes more than $6 million funded through community development initiative agreements with the towns of Valleyview and Fox Creek.
  • In excess of $7.6 million has been allocated to recreation through Budget 2020 including increased investment of $4 million for the continued operations of programming and facilities resulting from the acquisition of Grande Cache into the MD of Greenview. This increased investment will help support development of Grande Cache area as a key Alberta tourism destination – a cornerstone of our economic diversification efforts. The incorporation of the operations of the Greenview Regional Multiplex is also reflected in Budget 2020.
  • Almost $3 million in support of Agricultural Services programs and services and over $300,000 in additional capital funding.
  • $1 million in support of the operations of libraries, museums and community halls across the municipality as well as the stewardship of the community cemeteries.

Budget 2020 – Capital

The 2020 Capital Budget is $96.5 million including $52.4 million in project funding carried over from the 2019 budget.

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure and it’s relevance to economic growth and a high quality of life for area residents, Budget 2020 commits an estimated $35.8 million in investment to the enhancement of existing and development of new roads and bridges and with an additional $42.5 million earmarked for critical community facilities such as water and sewer treatment and delivery plants across the MD of Greenview.

Funding includes major infrastructure projects including:

  • $12.2 million for Grovedale Water Treatment Plant upgrades with an additional $5.2 million for Grovedale water distribution upgrades.
  • $3.7 million for the Landry Heights Water Distribution System upgrades.
  • $10 million for base paving on the South End, Forestry Trunk Road.
  • $2.6 million for construction on Township Road 670 from Range Road 232 to Range Road 240.
  • $2.5 million for Phase 2 of Goodwin Road construction.
  • $1.5 million for Sunset House Flood Control.
  • $750,000 for bridge construction on Asplund Creek and an additional $752,000 for bridge construction on the Asplund Creek Tributary.
  • $428,000 for bridge construction on the Tributary to Simonette River.
  • $400,000 for bridge construction on Tributary to the Little Smoky River.



The overall MD of Greenview operating budget of $120.6 million reflects an overall increase of $12.6 million from the 2019 budget.

The total budgeted program expense for the MD of Greenview in 2020 including operating and capital investment spending is $217.1 million. This amount includes:

  • $31.7million in grant funding for Community Services, including:
  • $2 million to support FCSS programming and operations;
  • $3.6 million to support emergency services including fire, disaster services and the Greenview Peace Officer program;
  • $8 million in support to local economic development including $5 million through existing community development agreements with Valleyview and Fox Creek;
  • Corporate Services:
  • $24.9 million allocated for provincially mandated Education Requisition
  • $12.8 million to support administrative operations (i.e. health and safety, training, salaries, utilities, rent)
  • $49.9 million, for Infrastructure and Planning, including:
  • $24 million in support of road maintenance.
  • $6.1 million for Environmental Services, which provides support to the operations of water, sewer and waste management.
  • $96.4 million capital investment budget, representing funding of infrastructure development (i.e. roads, bridges, facilities), and major equipment purchase.



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